Astonishing The Gods [Ben Okri] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is a story for all ages, set in a time and place best known to lovers. to contribute a book review of one of my recent reads, Astonishing the Gods by Nigerian author, Ben Okri. I was both extremely excited and. Set on an enchanted island, Astonishing the Gods is shot through with the gentle magic of Ben Okri’s imaginative prose. Okri’s fifth novel is an.

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That’s when I began to realise we were different. His infant enthusiasm for England was so strong that he had to be tricked into making the journey home.

Fire is a chemical presence. Excellent review, Ste J. It feels like the author set out to write everything as if it were a contradiction.

He lives in London. A well done review!

Astonishing the Gods – Ben Okri

Or am I just okkri at a tangent here because of reading only a chapter? From the Booker prize-winning author of The Famished Road comes this bewitching novel. A quick read that makes your brain spin in ways you wish it always did regardless of whether you actually like the book or not He was still saying them when the ship set sail. He studied English “as a kid in London” – though not very extensively, since he returned to Nigeria when he was seven.


His people lived contented lives, working on the farms, under the familiar sunlight.

It’s not a reachable goal. The poem is, like so much of Okri’s work, a paradox. Astonishing the Gods, maybe.

Astonishing the Gods – The African Book Review

Hope bursts through in the end. Two weeks after he took up residence he won the Booker Prize and they had a celebrity in their senior common room. But, although he discusses his work in the same sort of abstraction in which it is written, Okri describes his eventful life in plain, straightforward English. There was a common pattern in Commonwealth emigration to the UK in the early 60s.

Those philosophical questions are something that has always haunted our race and the world changes, keeping it in grandeur which mirrors our further understandings and maturity. But it “was an opportunity not to be missed”.

That is not to say he is not attractive to more exacting intellects. But his novels paint moving pictures of poverty’s consequences and his social conscience is alive and well, if sometimes sleeping beneath the psychedelic patterns of his prose. Email Address never made public. He left the okrj when a grant from the Nigerian government enabled him to read Comparative Literature at Essex University in England.

He breaks off from his analysis to gids his enthusiasm for “mutual respect for different cultures and the need for a grander picture of world godds. This book was tough for me to finish, despite the fact that it is quite short.


Ongoing paradoxes in the narrative and an abundance of adjectives aren’t enough to lift this beyond the realm of the “poetic yet ultimately empty” category.

After some discussion, during which minds rarely met, it was agreed that the essence of magical thinking – the “enchantment” which has made Okri’s fiction famous – is the refusal to distinguish between reality and imagination. I aim to please, sadly with my lack of bem perception my aim sways wildly, so glad to have got one in the metaphorical bullseye.

Most intriguing and enjoyable — thanks for highlighting it. I seem to write longer reviews here especially when I’m mysticstruck. I think I will give Okri’s other novels a go first This is more of an extended short story than a novel.

A man in two minds | Books | The Guardian

Okri insists, with a good deal of emphasis, that he is, at least in part, the literary legatee of Shakespeare, Milton and Omri. Who is Ben Okri?

His “strongest memory of childhood” is “experimenting with fire. Her uninhibited encomium provides part of the explanation for the popularity of his work.