BHEL Haridwar block 2 heavy fabrication, training report Summer Training Project Report on EMPLOYEE MOTIVATION OF BHEL EMPLOYEES. This project report has been made as a part of the industrial training the least; I would like to thank all the staff members of B.H.E.L. Block-4, Ranipur, Haridwar. Training Report on Manufacturing of Turbo Generator at BHEL Haridwar .. BLOCK-4 CIM (Coil & Insulation Manufacturing) & ACG (Apparatus control Gear) v. .. undertaken summer training in Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, Haridwar.

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The main Administrative Building is a distance of about 6 km from Haridwar Railway station.

Power generating setIndustrial turbo — sets, CompressorsPumps and heatersBow — millsHeat exchangers oil ringsGas turbinesSwitch gears. Electrical Machines Block In block 1 turbo generator and exciter are manufactured. Repair of electrical machines. The rear end of above exciter armature is mounted with a permanent magnet generator rotor.

Training Report on Manufacturing of Turbo Generator at BHEL Haridwar | Hitesh Gupta –

vhel The company has been earning profits hariddar since 72 and paying dividends since which is a reflection of company’s commendable performance throughout. Electrics for Urban Transportation System 1.

Today, with 20, MW per annum capacity for power plant equipment manufacturing, BHEL’s mammoth size of operations is evident from its widespread network of 17 Manufacturing Units, two Repair Units, four Regional Offices, eight Service Centres, eight Overseas Offices, six Joint Ventures, fifteen Regional Marketing Centres and current project execution at more than project sites across India and abroad. The high mechanical stress resulting from haridwqr centrifugal force and short circuit, torque called for a high specified mechanical and magnetic properties as well as homogenous forging.


Insulation is removed from both ends of the conductor cut. All AC machines rated for more than 5 MVA or with armature core longer the machine is to be provided with at least 6 resistance thermometers of their couples which shall built inside the stator suitably distributed among the circumference at the likely hottest point.

BHEL REPORT | juhi agarwal –

Click here to sign up. The Central Foundry Forge Plant CFFP is engaged in manufacture of large size Castings and Forgings of various types of steels like alloy steels, creep resistant steel and supercritical grade steel. As compared to electrolytic copper silver alloyed copper features high strength properties at high temperature so that coil deformations due to thermal stresses are eliminated.

Last but not the least; I would like to suummer all re;ort staff members of B.

The ring screens the flux by short-circuiting. Then extra resin is drained out and bars are heated and baked under pressed condition in closed box fixture.

Electrical machine repair shop. A few notable ones are: It has provided an opportunity to learn that optimization of technology used blokc proper place and time can save a lot of labour. The system is capable of performing following system — 1.

Rotor inside the stator at standstill. The Company is a major producer of large-size thruster devices.

Bhel Haridwar- Training report – 800 MW bar CIM block 4 (EEE)

Composite block valves, Sub — sea wellHead assemblyCaring support machine suspension equipment. The company has been earning profits continuously since and paying since Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. AC voltmeter75, 3.


BHEL as a part of Pt. At the transition from the slot to the end symmer portion of the stator winding portion of stator bars a semiconductor tape made up old polyester fluce is impregnated. Generator is to be loaded within a very short period. Hydrogen is contained within frame and circulated by fans mounted at either end of rotor.

Shells to be lined with tin based babbitt metal. The brushless exciter mainly consists of: Italy Super rapid gun mount. The complete frame is subjected to hydraulic test at a pressure of 7 atm.

The current flowing through the conductor is uniformly distributed over the entire bar cross section reduced. Helium leakage test After thermal shock test bar is tested for any leakage with the help of helium gas.

Component fabrication plant Rudrapur.

It provided an opportunity to learn various technologies. But the temperature must not be allowed to become too high, otherwise difficulties will be experienced with insulation.

It is also placed at 4th place in Forbes Asia’s Fabulous 50 List of