BHIMSEN. 1. BHIMSEN by Prem Panicker Adapted from “Randaamoozham” by M T Vasudevan Nair. Kahani hamari Mahabharat ki. As a child growing up in the . (b) Panicker’s version is a creative translation so even if someone did take him to I miss those weekly updates of Bhimsen on Prem’s blog. Title: Bhimsen Author: Prem Panicker Year of Publication: Series: N/A Goodreads Rating (Avg.): Goodreads Rating (Mine): 3.

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Perhaps it was the novelty of the project, but it got the attention of Karthika V.

Pajicker 02, Anjali rated it really liked it Shelves: They didn’t seem too pleased that Arjuna was the first among us cousins to take that major step towards becoming a kshatriya, a warrior – that he was the first to draw blood. I jumped up and peered into the surrounding darkness, just as she walked out from among the bushes and came towards me. He said there are things to be observed and lessons to be learnt everywhere, from everyone – the people of the forest, he said, learn even from the porcupine, the mole.

I saw with great clarity the beady little red eyes glaring at me, the tusks flashing in the light of the fires in the clearing. Then there was the issue of time.

It wasn’t a good time to ask questions – panickef attention was clearly elsewhere, she was looking towards the city gates with relief and anticipation on her face.

Bhima, however, considers Yudhisthira a good visionary and have the ability to be a competent ruler. Drona spent more time with Arjuna than with any of the other students, and my brother played up to him.

I saw a tree and ran towards it, thinking I could climb it and get away from the charging elephant. I walked towards my mother’s room, and found her talking to Yudhishtira.


A young man, slightly taller than the others and wearing a headdress embellished with peacock feathers, walked up to me. A lamp burning ghee instead of oil was placed at his head; the rishis sat around the body, chanting rpem for the peace of the departed soul. Using the blog-post format meant that Panicker had to carefully work out how to begin and end each chapter, which is a pre, process from flowing a story over the uninterrupted length of a book; each episode had to be relatively self-contained.

Prem Panicker

Apart from these, I read other versions of the Bhimssen — by S. He is the son of Vaayu, the God of Wind, they sang of me while the crowd pressed even closer, pointing at me and murmuring.

Pausing at the doorway, she beckoned me over. Arjuna and Yudhishtira joined us. The hardest thing to accustom myself to was the flowers in my hair – only women wear flowers, I protested that first day, but the maids only panicekr some more while braiding the flowers into my hair, and then fixing a circlet of gold with a diamond the size of an egg around my forehead to keep the hair in place.

I know, the one titled Second Turn.

He had developed the habit of going, late in the evening, to Drona’s home to engage in guru sishrusha, performing the menial tasks that are part of the guru- shishya parampara, and then practicing archery for long hours in the courtyard while Drona looked on.

I’ll send you a nice new set to practice with, so we can play in the evenings. I could only stand there, frozen to the spot. My brother pulled a silver tray towards him, picked up a little silk sack and opened it.

BHIMSEN by Prem Panicker | Mahabharata As Bhim View It | Book Reviews

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I turned in time to see the enormous gates swing open. Bhmisen and children came running out and surrounded us as the two men laid the litter down on the grass in the middle of the clearing. It was panickeg but I gulped it all down, realizing only then just how hungry I was. Kama’s absences, which had begun to stretch into weeks at a time, had begun to worry Arjuna.


A soft footfall nearby startled me out of my doze.

Bhimsen by Prem Panicker

I took a deep breath, choked, and threw up. All 72 chapters andwords of it.

I saw a young maid, one I had never seen before, walking into the room carrying four covered earthen pots on a silver salver.

He was amusing the little children who had gathered around him with various tricks of archery when grandfather Bheeshma came up, saluted him with respect, installed him in a house within the palace gates, and asked him to teach us princes the arts of war. Prem Panicker was impressed by retelling of Mahabharata in Randaamoozham and on his blog https: I was always fond of food, and watching me eat more than my brothers put together, my mother would call me that, half in exasperation, half in affection.

But in his brusquely pragmatic way Bhima shows the courage to grow out of what he himself has been told and to question how the impotent Pandu begot five sons. The trick to fighting with a mace is in the wrists—they are the first to weaken, even before the arms and shoulders, from the successive shocks of blows dealt and received. We went out, and found on our doorstep a tribal woman and her five grown sons, who had heard about the morning’s bali and were hopeful of alms.

I also think their response influenced my work.