BioDoc-It2 with its streamlined all-in-one design enables researchers to easily capture high resolution, publication-quality gel images with the touch of the. BioDoc-It and VisiDoc-It Imaging Systems. 2. System Introduction. BioDoc-Itâ„¢ Imaging System. The BioDoc-It Imaging System enables simple documentation of . A review of the BioDoc-It with Fluor Cam from UVP. Unbiased reviews by scientists available at

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Failure to follow these instructions could damage bioodc-it equipment and void its warranty. Each field Min, Sec, Msec displays the current exposure time and the start of the current exposure being taken. This LED light combines a compact design with versatile More information.

BioDoc-It Bio-imaging System

Keep the equipment away from motors or other large magnetic equipment apparatus. If there are questions about the product s use, operation or repair, please contact UVP s offices at the locations below. Be sure the darkroom cabinet s door is completely closed. Transilluminators carry a two 2 year warranty from date of purchase. Multiple slate users can write at.

Status bar indicates the modes of operation: With sales and service engineers trained to the same level of a direct sales force, both the customers and suppliers win.

As the Life Science part of the Aptco Invest group of companies, the Sopachem team tries hard to redefine the meaning of the word ‘distributor’. Ensure that the main power cord is connected from the back of the darkroom to a surge-protected power outlet.

Customer service will contact you with an order confirmation. By inserting a Secure Digital card into your Converter. LIVE mode will be indicated in the status bar. Ethernet port for network capability Connection for the main darkroom power Connection for jumper cord to the transilluminator Connecting the System to a Network USB port The BioDoc-It has wired networking capability for saving and sharing files on a network.


Creator Start-up Guide www.

The BioDoc-It darkroom has a UV safety switch that turns the transilluminator off when the door is open. Click OK to close the window. Includes Information on the: Wall-Mounting your HP computer.

Sopachem Life Sciences BioDoc-It Bio-imaging System – Sopachem Life Sciences

White highlight indicates which button is activated. We are currently working diligently to update our website pricing information for the New Year. Search or Browse for items and add to them to your Shopping Cart. Amice Davidson 2 years ago Views: It has a 3 year accidental drop warranty.

The BioDoc-It is equipped with an mm zoom lens fitted with a close-up diopter and step-up ring, allowing the camera to be held in a fixed position. Next, click Printers and Faxes, then right-click on the appropriate printer icon and select Printing Preferences.

An error message that is related to the TS software interface or Microsoft Windows may appear on the screen. Readjust the Focus ring on the lens, making the image clear. TheBioDoc-It systems are available with the choice of camera: WPI Laser Cutter User Guide The laser cutter is capable of cutting and engraving two-dimensional drawings in various materials including wood and plastic.

Use only a mild soap or detergent solution for cleaning. All other trademarks are the. For this process, you will be asked to provide personal information about yourself and possibly your organization.

Start Here 1 USB SpotLight 2 now available! If you’d like the most current information sooner, please don’t hesitate to drop us an email or give us a call and we’d be happy to assist.

For our suppliers, our mission is to be the best sales and marketing partner available in our region, bringing the word distributor to another level. Inspect the thin wire within the glass fuse to see if there is a break in the wire. To change the folder to a different location, click in the folder field and a Browse for Folder window will pop up. No warranty shall apply to this instrument, or part thereof, that has been subject to accident, negligence, alteration, abuse or misuse by the end-user.

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To rotate the image, click the OFF button and then the down arrow. The best lab standard. Users can save to the BioDoc-It, USB drive or connect to a network to transfer images to a separate computer Print – Connect to an optional printer Time Stamp – Set the date and time for each image captured Exp Warn – Set the exposure warning Preferences – Set user preferences Integration – Increase or decrease integration times.

If an error message appears repeatedly and your system administrator does not recognize it as a Microsoft Windows error, contact UVP Technical Support for further assistance.

Call orand ask for Customer Service during regular business days, between 7: Decrease or increase the time by touching the minus or plus button respectively.

buodoc-it Adjust the zoom so that the object of interest is within the picture on the LCD monitor. Set up More information. Once the proper zoom range is set, the lens will have to be refocused when zoomed in completely.

Connect the main power cord from the back of the darkroom to a surge-protected power outlet. July Penpower Technology Ltd.