Home > Product Manual. ROBOTIS e-Manual v Product Manual. Click the icon below to move to the product manual page. First of all, let’s study about the Bioloid’s hardware and software. The terms used here will be mentioned often throughout the manual so it is important that you. Read and completely understand the manual before trying to build a robot. .. Select ‘Start >> All the programs >> Robotis >> Bioloid >> Software >> Behavior.

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These sensors may be designed by the user or bought from a store. When absolute distance sensor detects an obstacle, the robot will stop and turn left until the obstacle is msnual longer detected.

Point towards the IR receiver and try again. Operation Guide – Place an obstacle in the robots path and turn the dinosaur robot on.

When the lower sensor detects something, it will avoid the edge and turn right. When no motion is being played, the joint offset will not be applied even if a value is input by the gyro sensor.


Please be sure to acquire sufficient knowledge about circuits beforehand. The LED will turn on to show how much battery you have left as seen in the figure below.


Check if there are others controlling robots nearby, which may cause wireless interferences. Code to execute user-defined motions will be added to the task code used in the Adjustment using the Gyro Sensor section. ZIG set is available at the Robotis shopping mall.

The channel for the zigbee connected to the controller is mabual changeable. Please refer to Controller and RC for installation information. The left parameter receives input from the right parameter. Control Multiple Robots 5. The robot makes a continuous warning sound while moving. After mounting the IR receiver on CM under control mode, you can set the channels to control it remotely by pressing the Aux button.

Make two of these if you want to nioloid a gripper on both hands. Turn the CM on and press the U button. Even If there is a motion requiring the corresponding actuator, there is no way to control it with the motion data.

[Bioloid] Premium Humanoid Assembly Instructions

Robot in Action R: Operation Guide – When it detects an object while walking, it will avoid it. Please refer Fuse Replacement for information on how to replace the fuse. Please contact the service department of the company you purchased from.

Set to control mode. Check whether the IR manal has been properly connected.

Therefore, by calculating the adjustment value and using the value in a callback function to adjust the posture at regular intervals, the robot can adjust its posture automatically.


Operation Guide – When no change is detected, the fawn sits down and looks around.

Once the mode is set, it will be maintained, even when turned off. Normally, motion data has the highest priority and task code has the next highest priority. For more information on each sensors, please click on the names of the sensors.

The alarm indicates that the robot is low on batteries. You can use these spare parts to make a gripper to your humanoid. Autonomous Walking Mode U: Operation Guide – Place an obstacle in the robots path and turn the puppy robot on. By making a robot with grippers, you can expand the things you can do with the robot.


CreateCustom Motions: How to Download Task Code. Bio,oid Wireless Control 5. If the gyro sensor value is less than or greater thanit assumes there is no gyro sensor and does not use adjustment when there is no gyro sensor or the robot has moved during initialization.