This is a first draft of a story I translated from a Bengali story by the name of Birinchi Baba by Parashuram — Raj Sekhar Basu. This is the. the laying on of hands, at which Birinchi Baba is an adept, Ray devised, as a supposed symbol of Time Future and Time Past, the revolving of hands: the index .

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Let’s see if I can get rid of them. Slowly, he rose from the floor, folded his hands and asked: Only his lips moved slightly. Satya leant over and whispered into Buchki’s ear: It simply means, ‘oh yes! Ganesh Mama stood at the entrance, guarding it with his life. Time is the same everywhere, and so is place.

He began to fidget. Sajal rated it it was amazing Jul 10, Well, remember the sun and the moon are still in your care.

He can live on this earth, or travel to the other world, just as he pleases. It won’t happen again, I promise.

We birincbi want any of those. Only Nibaran and Paramartha were left behind. This man was called Satyavrat. After a long time, Birinchi Baba opened his eyes, took some water out of a copper pot and sprinkled it everywhere. Now he has been brought back to the present time, and he owns fifteen hundred thousand rupees.


He had recently finished his studies and started a new job. Nitai Babu turned to Paramartha. Nitai Babu’s words made him stop. So I suggest you have dinner with us, and stay the night. Professor Noni was standing by, arms akimbo, his dhoti tucked in at the waist. Then he took his hat off, flung it aside, and flopped down on the mattress spread on the baab.

I have to say Satya’s knowledge of the scriptures is really quite profound.

Well, I’m going to go and grab his feet, too, as soon as I can. Gurupodo Babu has done the same, ask him.

Mahapurush – Wikipedia

What would you know about holy men? What is the spiritual significance of chillies and sawdust? But he was not conscious, was he? So no one expressed interest or concern.

Buy as many as you want — two annas each, don’t forget — and release them from this cage. Gurupada decides to patronize the holy man and become his disciple.

Because he sports two tufts of hair. Obviously, he did not know that Feku had wielded his sword during the mutiny never mind that the mutiny happened long before Feku was born. Leave our Hindu gods alone. Ankana rated it it was amazing Apr 28, Anyway, if you’re bent upon disappointing us, we’ll take our leave.

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I said to him, ‘look, your life is not going to be fulfilled unless every desire has been met’.

বিরিঞ্চি বাবা

But what if your offer is rejected? Mantra-sadhana is chanting a mantra, over and over, with every ounce of your concentration.

This short story is a witty account of Birinchi Baba’s growing fame and Bsba attempts at exposing Birinchi Baba. Among the other people present in the hall, some were lying prostrate on the ground. He was wearing a saffron robe, and a cap made from the same cloth.

The lamp went out. Nibesh Adhikary marked it as to-read Jul 14, Yes, it was unmistakably the figure of Mahadev. Only the other day, he helped Mekiram Aggarwal. I want to buy iron, as cheaply as possible.

বিরিঞ্চি বাবা by Rajshekhar Basu

All you’ll have to do is shout, and make a noise. Ganesh Mama found him this guru, now my father spends all his time with him. If one must earn virtue, another must sin. I don’t think he grasps much of what goes around him. No need to say anything more. We are not interested in plain talk about religion.