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Bitbake Cheat Sheet

Machine-specific settings, policy decisions, and so forth. This file defines the two basic signature generators OpenEmbedded Core uses: Tasks support a number of these flags which control various functionality of the task:. This section presents the BitBake command syntax and provides several execution examples.

The precedence established through this variable stands regardless of a recipe’s version PV variable. BitBake Style Python Functions 3. A number of parameters exist that you can specify within the URL to govern the behavior of the unpack stage:. You need to create that file next. This fetcher submodule fetches code from the Git source control system.

This directive causes BitBake to parse whatever file you specify, and to insert that file at that location. The following assignments result in Mmanual containing “aval” and B evaluating to “preavalpost”. One way to achieve a conditional inherit in this case is to use overrides: The variable is only used when you employ memory-resident BitBake. Doing so allows you to use values that contain the double quote character: Specifies an additional set of variables to allow through whitelist from the external environment into BitBake’s datastore.


Directs BitBake to exclude a recipe from world builds manuxl.

You select the os-specific version of the TEST variable by appending the “os” override to the variable i. List of functions to call after the completion of the task. The ” Executing Tasks ” section has more information on how BitBake chooses which task to execute next. Currently, invalid timestamps are only considered on a per recipe file basis. Based on the generated list of providers and the dependency information, BitBake can now calculate exactly what tasks it needs to run and in what order it needs to run them.

\bitbake-user-manual\doc – bitbake – Bitbake Development tree

However, if it redefines the function, there is no means for it to call the class version of the function. Move to the conf directory and create a layer. If you use a pair of curly brace in a shell function, the closing curly brace must not be located at the start of the line without leading spaces. But where do they go? There also needs to be a way for each recipe to express its dependencies, both for build-time and runtime.

The variable B contains “bval additionaldata” and C contains “test cval”. Even if BitBake was planning to skip a task, the returned value of the function can force BitBake to run the task, which is necessary under certain metadata defined circumstances.


All bitbakf standard syntax operations previously mentioned work for variable flags except for override style syntax i. You usually need a version of BitBake that matches the metadata you are using.

For these cases, you can instruct the build process to ignore a dependency by using a line like the following:. Clearly there needs to be a way to tell BitBake what files are available, and of those, which you want to execute.

Specifies a tag to manuwl for the checkout. See these entries in the glossary for more information. Also, variables exist in other systems that use BitBake e. Disk space monitoring is disabled by default. Here are some examples:.

Anyone wishing to create a source mirror would want to enable this variable. Removal Override Style Syntax 3. Here are two examples:.

BitBake User Manual

Also in these types of functions, the datastore “d” is a global variable and is always automatically available. Used to rename the module. Specifying a value for removal causes all occurrences of that value to be removed from the variable.

This section describes the available syntax and operators as well as provides examples.