Find great deals for Blackmagic Design Teranex 2D Converter. The processor provides high-quality de-interlacing, up and down conversion, SD and HD cross . Teranex 2D and 3D Processors feature patented processing technology for the highest quality conversion between video standards, frame rates and resolutions. Several months ago, I set out to review the Teranex 2D, a media processor from Blackmagic Design that offers users myriad inputs and outputs.

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This means timecode matches during conversion to the 0 frames, and subtitles are retained.

Keep up the great work! This means when film is converted to video a process called 3: The video lcd screen works great and tells you the input or output format this can save you the added cost of another monitor. No Longer Available Update Location close. Teranex AV can also temporarily hold any current frame on the screen until you switch to another video output, a balckmagic frame, or the still store.

The front panel is intuitive and no deep menu dives are necessary to get things going.

Noise Reduction Remove unwanted noise from transmission links, videotape, or even camera sources. See any errors on this page? Processing is applied within the frame and between frames all at the same time, delivering better de-interlacing, inter-frame interpolation and noise reduction.

Timecode is almost impossible to pass through the Teranex, especially when using with Thunderbolt. Ancillary Data Multi channel audio, timecode and subtitles Video includes a lot more than images and Teranex nlackmagic conversion of up to 16 audio channels plus timecode and closed caption VANC data. Be the first to review this item. Teranex features proprietary and patented PixelMotion de-interlacing algorithms so you get improved image quality by maintaining vertical resolution.


Teranex Setup software gives you remote control of your source and output selection, proc amp, color correction, aspect ratio, audio blakcmagic and more from your Mac or PC computer. ITI company [Privacy Policy]. Teranex converters are also compatible with Dolby encoded audio, so it never has to be decoded rpocessor re-encoded during up and down conversions.

Blackmagic Design Teranex 2D Processor TERANEX2D B&H Photo

Automated Live Sports Production and Streaming. Now you can quickly and easily find the tools you need to correct color, convert formats or change aspect ratio! Convert and Capture Teranex processors include a super fast 10 Gbps Thunderbolt port so you can connect it to your computer for capture and playback of video and audio. Things that I discovered: The doc yeranex originally edited in 60i. Rated 4 out of 5 by JT from Teranex 2D is an excellent buy.

Review: Blackmagic Design Teranex 2D Media Processor – Streaming Media Producer

Again, Blackmagioc design wasn’t very supportive except asking to try 24psf mode instead. UltraScope displays 6 simultaneous live scopes on a single screen. The SDI connections can transfer data at an amazing 12 gigabits per second, making them fast enough to support Ultra HD 4K video at up to 60 frames per second. We are still waiting for QC notes, but I am very confident in this delivery. It’s common to work with mixed video formats in a single project and using a Teranex Processor this has never been easier.

Low Latency for Live Conversions Convert and output signals in milliseconds! Because of its patented bit processing algorithms and high quality de-interlacing, Teranex conversions look perfect, making distribution simple and problem free.

I cannot get all the resolution the camera is capable of in the converted picture. For example, you can hold on a slide while the presenter makes changes to their presentation in the background. Top 10 Most Popular Articles. Current Issue Past Issues. Video includes a lot more than images and Teranex supports conversion of up to 16 audio channels plus timecode and closed caption VANC data.


You can choose from models that give you up to a massive conversions, a wide range of broadcast connections, low latency processing, HDMI loop through and more!

Blackmagic Design Teranex 2D Converter

Sony compatible RS deck control port Serial ports TxRx direction-reversible under software control. What makes Teranex so good is an advanced SIMD technology–developed and patented by Teranex–that allows instant calculations on thousands of pixels simultaneously in X, Y positions and between video frames.

With an elegant machined metal front panel, deeign compact blackmagid size and built in international power supply, Teranex converters not only look great in your studio, but are also perfect for portable racks and outside broadcast vehicles. There are a lot of functions, though, that are not implemented yet that I am looking forward to – 2K and adjustable center crop are the primary ones. We were trying to convert Reducing noise allows more efficient video compression when authoring content.

In the US and Japan the broadcast video frame rate is Use adjustable scaling when you need to set custom aspect ratios, or even for reframing shots to remove image edge artifacts. I would not consider this a design fault though.