Blood Before Sunrise (Shaede Assassin, book 2) by Amanda Bonilla – book cover, description, publication history. Buy a cheap copy of Blood Before Sunrise book by Amanda Bonilla. “She needed a bargaining chip and this was it. Raif’s daughter’s life for hers. And he knew. REVIEW: Blood Before Sunrise by Amanda Bonilla. If you love Urban Fantasy, then this series deserves a spot in your immediate to-be-read.

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I enjoyed the first book of this series, but I can truly say that Ms. For those who enjoyed Xander the first time around, he doesn’t appear all that much over the course of this novel. She is not the only Shaede as she first suspected and she has a wonderful circle of friends and a super yummy and amazing bomilla.

After this book, I find myself rooting even more Team Tyler. Originally posted at WickedLilPixie Reviews Raif remains a favorite character of mine.

Review: Blood Before Sunrise by Amanda Bonilla

We also learn more about recurring characters, but still there is a lot to be sknrise. And all around badass,” I added. Learn how your boonilla data is processed. She has Tyler who loves her unconditionally and is willing to die for her, Raif who is more than a brother to her and even Xander who publicly admires her and covets her. I can only hope that she will learn to let them in.


So she makes it her mission to find the girl who has been lost for centuries.

There’s also some physical abuse that may be upsetting to some readers. Because I had so much free time on my hands these days. This includes an unexpected villain in this book who will probably make your skin crawl. She is learning to live a life where she is not alone, where she has people that care for her and she can count with them.

Blood Before Sunrise

I found Darian’s character to be even more likable than in the debut. Tyler is a genie or Jinn and has bonded amanra Darian, meaning that he will protect her at all costs.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Now Darian is something else, more. She becomes an assassin for hire and falls in love with her boss, Tyler. His story had been a tragic one: But after they have found her Darian is determined to reunite Raif and the daughter he thought was dead.

But getting there has not been an easy road. Blood Before Sunrise follows Darian, who once again puts herself in the middle of a whole lot of chaos. I also enjoyed the time that was spent with Tyler’s character.

And I was going to find her. Darian’s relationship with Tyler is very sensual as well as loving even though Darian has issues with trusting anyone completely. I bent low to her face, my voice a snarl as it tore from my throat.

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Blood Before Sunrise (Shaede Assassin #2)

Tyler is a genie or Jinn and has bonded to Darian, meaning that he will protect her at all bonilka. But now that they’ve finally found the half-crazed Oracle, they are granted a possibility too painful for Raif to imagine and too enticing for Darian to ignore.

Last year, Amanda Bonilla captivated me with the first in her Shaede Assassin series, her debut release Shaedes of Gray featuring cold hearted, damaged, and lonely Darian making my top 5 favorites for Darian attempt to protect her beloved Jinn could lead to devestating consequences for their relationship and instead of putting amanad trust in those that she loves she aligns herself with Fallon, a mysterious Fae.

No eBook available Amazon. She is impetuous and over confident. Darian might not be the easiest person to like at times but she always means well and will fight to the death to save those she loves.

We also learn more about her past, about her human life and the time she shared with Azriel.