In Dan Duchaine’s book, Underground Bodyopus: Militant Weight Loss & Recomposition, he outlines a bodybuilding diet known as the Body Opus approach. So, it has been a few weeks since I ended my six-week Body Opus (diet and exercise) that was written by Dan Duchaine, back in Known as the Steroid Guru during the s, Dan Duchaine was one of in Duchaine’s seminal book Underground Bodyopus: Militant.

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There are currently many variations on this diet, but the Body Opus diet is the original. Duchaine says opuus this is essential to any fat loss diet, as we will further offset muscle loss and possibly build muscle gy the process. Jeremy rated it really liked it Aug 13, Underground Body Opus by Daniel Duchaine. Not going to lie…the carbs after this workout, makes me extremely sleepy. It would also become a book, that is still coveted by bodybuilders to this day.

Also, when ketone levels are high enough, muscles will use them as fuel rather than glucose or fatty acids. Dedicated to those seeking visible abs, striated glutes and boulder deltoids.

Daniel “Dan” Duchaine — January 12, was an American bodybuilderauthorand two-time convicted felon. Ugur rated it really liked it Jan 18, Jeffery Hickman rated it it was amazing Nov 13, To ask other readers questions about Underground Body Opusplease sign up.

Dan Duchaine

So far, we have fat being stripped off the body and a reduction in catabolism. Immediately following that workout, you consume whey protein and carbs…lots of carbs for the entire weekend. In this innovative book, Dan Duchaine, the internationally-known bodybuilding “guru” will teach you all of the secrets from his year career as a professional body confidante. Duchaine is also credited with introducing 2,4-dinitrophenol DNP into bodybuilding through an interview on one of ten cassettes included with bodybuilding magazine Muscle Media In November Duchaine was profiled by The New York Times on its front page as part of an Olympics-inspired series on steroids in sports.


In this innovative book, Dan Duchaine, the internationally-known bodybuilding “guru” will teach you all of the secrets from his year career as a pro A Diet Book for People Who Aren’t Fat? The body is a very smart machine.

Underground Body Opus

This page was last edited on 10 Decemberat Aaron rated it it was amazing Mar bofy, I ate typically every 3 hours. No trivia or quizzes yet. As you moved further into ketosis, Duchaine allowed some carbohydrates to creep into the diet but only to a maximum of 50 grams per day and usually just from leafy greens.

If so let us know how you got on in the comments section! Of course it is literally impossible to get zero carbs in the diet due to trace amounts found in protein sources, but that is okay. No, but a low level of body fat gody attainable from these starting points.

If you have not read through it, please go back and check it out.

How To Use The Body Opus Diet!

The program looked like this each week. In late afternoon or early evening, do the grand depletion workout. Body Opus was the first real diet designed for those people that weren’t overweight. I knew how I was going feel each day. The Anabolic Diet Review. Immediately following this workout consume whey protein and carbs every two hours until bedtime.


Who was the Bodyopus Diet for? Mark Heiliger rated it liked it Jun 22, In mid, Duchaine was caught and indicted on conspiracy and mislabeling charges. That was step one. Want to Read saving…. Will these percentages mean that you are lean already? So, that means that even if you drop your calories all the way down to 1, a day, eventually, your metabolism will slow and your fat storing enzymes will be primed and ready to work.

All the reader had to do was divide their maintenance calories as follows. In the morning you will still follow the no-carbohydrate regimen. Most duchaune for its cyclical Keto approach, the book included a beginner and intermediate diet. He was sincere about bodybuilding and he knew an awful lot. Notify me of new comments via email. It just works for me. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This will be your diet bible for the duxhaine of your life! One of the hottest topics when it comes to obtaining the body of your dreams is which diet is going to work the best to getting you from point A to point B.

Finish the other half of the body during the weight workout. Don Roff rated it it was amazing Sep 18, Much like the previous eating plan, it required trainees to eat according to specific macronutrient ratios at the minimum level of calories needed to maintain their bodyweight. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here