In Mythago Wood, Robert Holdstock gave us an intricate world spun from the stories of Irish and English mythology Segundo libro de la serie Bosque Mitago. Mythago Wood is a fantasy novel by British writer Robert Holdstock, published in the United Kingdom in It won the World Fantasy Award for Best Novel in. Bosque Mitago by Robert Holdstock, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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This has been sitting on my TBR pile for longer than I care to admit to – and now I have finally got around to reading it – its becoming a bit of a tradition my Christmas binge reading. Inspired by British and Celtic myths and legends with added just a tiny bit of late Gothic flavor this book builds it’s story slowly and methodically.

So despite the fact that I am going to be talking about the Huxley family a lot in this review, because they are the designated heroes of this book, I think we all know that Harry is the understated, but true hero of this tale.

Mythago Wood – Wikipedia

Also, the characters aren’t extremely believable. This is a book in which a boy’s skin is described as “a confusion of leaves,” in which birds take on sinister significance with their “endless fluttering of wings, intense and urgent pecking of beaks,” in which a castle made of stones that aren’t stone is “as fine to look at as the fine lines on a mother’s face. I highly recommend this book. First of all, it’s written in Robert Holdstock’s beautiful style.

The kiss of love. Only it’s not a cocktail at all, but a visionary paste made of viscous golden sap mashed up with wildwood and heartwood, berries and blossoms, vivid algae and foul fungal decay, marsh stems and leaves sharpened like arrows, a hallucinatory mixture to be daubed on the temples and third eye.

Mythago Wood

Why make Hollowings at all, why learn them, if all they do is get you stuck? Feb 25, carol.

The characters boswue endearing and I experienced their joy, pain, hope, and hopelessness. This then spins out into a tale of tragic love, divided allegiances, and the quest for the mythical Heart of the Wood, where all of the characters hope that their desires will be granted and questions answered.


People also carve magical symbols into the rock and wood of ancient forests, hoping to magically confine these spirits of Nature away from the homes of people, but some people seek out these dangerous ghosts of rock, tree, mud and flora.

Bosque Mitago : Robert Holdstock :

But it’s not a rescue mission without an actual rescue and in the second part we go into the woods themselves. It is said the mythological creatures of old deep woods need to be placated and bribed with gifts of blood and flesh if you live near such a forest.

To do so, she must learn the ways bpsque this strange woodland, and begins her education in its dreamy, savage, folkloristic magic, endeavouring to learn the secret names and stories of the fields, glades, and trees around her home, while making masks in imitation of the three cloaked women who seem to be guiding her in her shamanistic initiation.

Me reservo el derecho a cambiar de idea. Was Holdstock suggesting that Tallis in some way became a mythago herself, compelled to fulfill her own legend? Discover Prime Book Box for Kids. Lo que nos cuenta.

I am not going to summarize the story as much better reviewers than I have already done so, many times before. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. We have an unknown history with almost everyone we encounter and none of it follows a logical or linear path. I can’t stick it back on. I don’t know what made him try again, but I’m glad he did.

The world inside the wood is much larger than it appears from outside. If we had had a female protagonist with her own mythago creatures, I might have thought differently but this felt very ‘male’ to me. As the story unfolds we discover that the father, though he had died, has merged with a large angry mythical creature from ancient times.

As for anything else the author has written It has received critical acclaim for the quality of its prose, its forest setting, and its exploration of philosophicalspiritual and psychological themes. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Eos,page xxii-xxiii.


La idea en la que se cimenta el libro es brillante. A subconscious that teems with archetypes, in fact with an archaeology of archetypes, since as the child-heroine grows to adulthood within the collective mythological unconscious she journeys back in time towards more basic a If the very thought of Carl Gustav Jung is enough for you to want to skip and click your heels together then this is the book for you.

As they are formed from human myths, they vary in appearance and character depending on the human memories from which they formed. Y si RH se ha inspirado en sus escritos, me alegro, ambos unos maestros. It demands your attention, stretches your imagination, and leaves you wanting…I loved this book and have no doubt that so too would you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Their father, George, has died recently their mother, Jennifer, died some years earlier.

Bosque Mitago

Part of his research on the wood causes him to contact Wynne-Jones’s daughter, Anne Hayden. I look forward to it and I can’t wait to spend more time in, and learn more about, Rhyhope Wood. When it wallows in the concepts, it suffers a bit but is still worth reading.

He soon discovers his brother has been drawn into the mystery of the wood, and its not long before he is disappearing for weeks at a time while Steven keeps house and waits.

Blackwood is a world renowned classic writer that has won countless awards. I don’t like that the book is called “fantasy” fiction, since it has none of the horrible cliche crapola that identifies fantasy in my mind. His science fiction and fantasy works explore philosophical, psychological, anthropological, spiritual, and woodland themes. This page was last edited on 21 Decemberat I wish that I had liked this book more.