BRAHMAVAIVARTA PURANA (Brahma-Prakrti and Ganapati Khanka) TEXT WITH ENGLISH TRANSLATION. VOL. I. Translated into English by. Shanti Lai. Is the complete English translation of the Brahma-vaivarta Purana available for download? The complete English translation is available at the. Sri Brahma-vaivarta Purana Table of Contents Chapter One Sri Krsna-pada- padma-prapti-sopanam. The Stairway to Sri Krsna’s Lotus Feet.

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O best of the knowers of the Vedas, please tell. Meditating and praying, the demigods reverently stood before that light.

Brahmavaivarta-Purana (Sanskrit Text with English Translation)

Please ask for a boon. We are the seed and the world grown from the seed.

She put Him to sleep and then she went to the Yamuna. May the Lord who is present everywhere protect your jaw. He is a devotee. Whom the kings of sages cannot approach in their meditations, whom the munis, siddhas, and sons of Manu cannot attain, whom the kings of the yogis cannot imagine in their thoughts, who is the greatest, who is without peer, who is all-seeing witness.


At that gate they saw Ratnabhana, who was to Lord Krsna very dear, Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals.

The text includes Smriti chapters that, states Hazra, englishh likely inserted into the text after the 16th century. Again bowing down with devotion, he then approached Sri Radha. One day, after eating and drinking at breakfast, Lord Krsna went with the boys and cows to the forest to enjoy pastimes. This is also ‘the right’ Brahma Vaivarta Purana – I found another text with the same title and completely different contents – it is mediocre in comparisona minor work so beware if you are searching.

I will see what kind of beautiful lover Your master has now! All the demigods headed by Brahma are considered My partial expansions. He was expert at presenting the conclusions of the Vedas.

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. May the Lord who appeared as Varaha protect your feet.

Gazing at her beloved, she became plunged in an ocean of bliss. Who can say it? You should stop the demons.

Brahma Vaivarta Purana – Wikipedia

One muhurta equals forty-eight minutes. Without gold a goldsmith cannot make a gold ornament. What need have we for Him? How can I go home now and leave the calves behind? You do not understand Him, the great Supreme Personality of Godhead. The hairs of her body erect, she became plunged in an ocean of bliss.


Brahma-vaivarta puranam. Translated into English by Rajendra Nath Sen

After speaking with him, the demigods went to the fifth gate, Of You two, who is the creator and who the created? Day and night She rests englisu My chest. It is the most beautiful and the most auspicious. He becomes unfit to worship the demigods or the pitas. Although a version may have existed in late 1st millennium CE, its vakvarta version was likely composed in the 15th or 16th-century in the Bengal region of Indian subcontinent. Ayurveda Dhanurveda Natya Shastra Sthapatyaveda.

Separation from great saints is worse than death.

Your mercy is the same for all.