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In this section there is the summing 1.

Ixx Brahmanda Purana Parasurama takes his ladle and facing the north throws it and it goes and forms the sflrparaka Tirtha Nala-Sopara in Thana District of Maharashtra. Our Purana does not record his marriage with a girl called Devasena as in Mbh. Chronology of Hindu texts. But it is Visnu who, as the enlightener and revealer of the Rajas, becomes Brahma and that ofthe Tamas adopts the form of Kala Rudra and ofthese Sattva assumes the form ofVisnu.

Fourteen Manvantaras complete the day of god Brahma. Suras gods committed ungodly acts and Asuras showed super-human magnanimity. Rsabha, 12 Sutejas In this way the higher evolute of Prakrti “swallows up” the lower one, till at last the Mahat dis- solves itself into Guna-sdmya equilibrium of Gunas.


Thus was the excellent and noble-souled Romaharsana requested after offering him brahamnda hospitable reception.

This is the Upanisadic thought-current and need not be traced to Jainism or Buddhism. VI Sunga Dynasty Op. The duration of life of gods, demons, men, dharma, asramas etc.

As a contrast, Mbh. Jambtidvlpa; The Bindu Lake- Its four streams yelugu The first quotation in OJ. The chariot whereby the lord goes to his abode from the heaven is presided over by the Devas, the Adityas, the sages, the Gan- dharvas, the Apsaras, the Gramanis, the serpents and the Raksasas.

God Visnu gave him two birds, a cock and a pea-cock. The long section dealing with other Manus and the descendants of Svayambhuva Manu esp. After Parasurama’s retirement, Haihayas organise them- selves and in alliance with warlike tribes like sakas, Hflnas and others they assail Bahu the king of Ayodhya, the ally ofBhar- gavas.

Sri Brahmanda Puranam

The tradition and other Puranas assert that the Brahmanda Purana had 12, verses, but the published Venkateshwar Press version of manuscript contains 14, verses. After completing his penance for Twelve Years Parasurama learns how his father was killed. The detailed creative activity ofVaivasvata Manu is recounted. Atharva Veda 2. Thanks to you the branmanda of meritorious holy rites.

Divisions of Stratosphere, the Chariot of the Sun-God He, at their request, proceeds to narrate the Manuvamsakrama including Puranic stories. Their appointment on different continents and lands severally are recounted.


Brahmanda Purana – Wikipedia

When one specific svara note is dropped it brahmahda called Sadava Tana one consisting of six notes and when two specific notes are dropped, it is called Auduva Tdna One consisting of five notes.

Introduction xxxix habits and settled by constructing liouses in mountains, along the rivers and also establishing villages, townships etc. It is called Brahmanda since it gives explanation of the real state of affairs about the universe. Sacrifices are to be performed with Seeds which are three years old unproductive “.

There is the description of all the Manvantaras and theKalpas. They requested him to drop his phallus; clothe himselfand speak gently. What is phrana relation between the four Pddas of the Bd. The following is the list of rulers of Pradyota dynasty: Secondly, Parasara teaches this Purana to Jatukarnya and not to his own son Vyasa. Ixii Brahmanda Parana MSrchand was the gradual ascent and descent of the seven notes of the basic scale.