Trout Fishing in America has ratings and reviews. mark said: I went up Richard Brautigan was a literary idol of the s and s whose comic. By RICHARD BRAUTIGAN. THE COVER FOR TROUT FISHING IN AMERICA. The cover for Trout Fishing in America is a photograph taken late in the afternoon . The book, Trout Fishing in America, came from the pen of Richard Brautigan. It presents us with something new—not really a novel, though it.

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They reflect the nostalgia which permeates the book: I know this is a social critique, but I never was able to fully grasp what Brautigan was trying to say.

Brautigan’s Surreal Story: ‘Trout Fishing In America’

Envy for free love. Their appetite for Trout Fishing in American elevated Brautigan to godliness for a few happy years. The discovery of Alonso Hagan’s diary, with its meticulously recorded failures, convinces the narrator that he is brautiggan “somebody else” who “will have to go out there” and continue the quest for the trout. Aug 07, Michael rated it liked it Shelves: But it’s not the description—it’s my sharing, our sharing, in Brautigan’s imaginative process that really does such beautiful things to us.

Richard Brautigan > Trout Fishing in America

Ron Loewinsohn speculated on the reasons for the double dedication. View all 6 comments. Tags trout fishing in america. Like a house and a box and a womb and a tin shed and a vagina and a pub and a car and a fix and a salad and a pool and a bright shiny bee hive. His trouh for living in the present, on his own terms, reflects the self-sufficiency of the artist and his art.

Downstream from Trout Fishing in America: A Memoir of Richard Brautigan

At Vishing Creek, Brautigan was disturbed by the signs warning of explosive cyanide capsules placed to kill coyotes. Like so much of Brautigan’s imagery, the symbol is whimsical and delightful: Words like “fine,” “nice,” “good,” “great” are made to do an unconscionable amount of work.


View all 23 comments. I whole heartedly recommend this book not only for bbrautigan Brautigan fanatic but I think it would make a great introd By far the best book on Brautigan I have read.

Trout Fishing in America by Richard Brautigan :: Books :: Reviews :: America :: Paste

Even Trout Fishing in America Shorty is destroyed by the acclaim afforded him by the movies: I chose to read this book because Richard Brautigan is my favorite author and the interesting word usements he structures really connect with me on a personal level. I’d have to say I liked it – about as much as I’d like an acid trip. More than mere tonic or “kool aid,” his book offers a way of imagining and experiencing so altered from the common paths of the mind that it may seem like a religious conversion.

The man was not magic. The characters themselves aren’t as memorable as the portraits he paints of escapes into nature and the strange ways he twists the words “trout fishing in America” into different roles in his stories. My reminiscences will be brief.

However, Trout Fishing still leaves me perplexed. The inside of the outhouse was exposed like a human face and the outhouse seemed to say, ‘The old guy who built me crapped in here 9, times and he’s dead now and I don’t want anyone else to touch me.

But the world he makes, even at its most playful, has its relations to “history,” for the bland letter he whips up, the comic occasion for the arbitrary ending, is as rich in reference as mayonnaises is in egg, though again as with mayonnaise the matter has been transformed. It was beautiful, simplistic and minimalist.

James Laughlin at Fisying Directions passed it to G.

Likewise, if I were to sample exquisite wine, I am sure that my palette is not discriminating enough to tell the difference between a very expensive Dom de la Romanee Conti Montrachet Grand Cru cote beaune le Puligny from Burgundy France and one of the fine table wines from Asheville.


I learned to swim in an alkali spring in the middle of a field in Kansas. After I was hooked I found evidence in the public library that others had been caught in Kansas before me, for there were whole books on famous trout streams—Brautigan parodies their titles in Trout Fishing in America.

I feel trrout Brautigan as a ‘late Beat’ is an easy label, but one that doesn’t serve him proper justice. Lest you think this all feels just too nutty for any reasonable reader to swallow, consider that today we have a crater brauitgan the moon named Shorty—named for that character: Brautigan’s childhood in the Pacific Northwest of the U.

But this satire Brautigan soft-pedals: But it would be pointless to feel sorry for Brautigan. A century ago Thoreau had Walden Pond for idyllic retreat; now, “a Walden Pond for Winos” turns out to be an insane asylum. The book sold millions of copies, fisshing translated into 27 languages, and heralded an entire generation of cranky, stylists.

Despite praise and recommendations from leading literary figures, no publisher would accept Brautigan’s manuscript for Trout Fishing in America. The narrator, however, doesn’t need this heroic weapon—his imagination already has a mythical ready and a lyrical voice, and without gold nib is able to write: We’d camp beside the streams, and Richard would get out his old portable typewriter and a card table. Some readers will have their own to insert. There were trout streams too.