Breeding Cycle. The Kategan Alphas 1. Published by T. A. Grey at Smashwords. WARNING: The content in this book contains explicit sexual content. This book. LibraryThing Review. User Review – msphotogirl – LibraryThing. I did not finish this one. Maybe I’ll pick it up again later. However when I notice. Breeding Cycle (The Kategan Alphas #1) by T. A. Grey: When Princess Sarina Brunes is locked away during her breeding cycle – the only time.

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I won’t ruin the surprise. Now Sarina must fight to be with the one she loves and risk losing the only family she has left in the process. Nov 27, Sammy Loves Books rated it really liked it Shelves: Not a good descriptor. This so called storyline has been used a lot; Actually, I’d say it’s been raped. It’s the story of a girl who has an asshole father who wants to manage her life and all as if she were his slave and not his daughter.

It felt like maybe someone in JR.

This was just horrible. It looks like this will be a great series.

Breeding Cycle

It’s a formula Kategzn read and enjoyed many times but it was so badly handled here that I didn’t even get all the way through to the end of the book. This book takes you on the journey of discovery, lust, finding love, heart break, desperation, finding your home and justice.

This is the 2nd book by this author I have read. This was a very disappointing book. I’m not sure if it has gone through some severe editing since the prior reviews were given as I didn’t spot many mistakes in it at all. Rebekah rated it did not like katsgan Apr 18, I would not recommend. When Alpha Vane Kategan stumbles upon Sarina in her breeding cycle, he is determined to help her, if only Each year lykaen princess Sarina Brunes goes through her breeding cycle—a powerful force that makes the desire to mate nearly inescapable.


What turned me off, no pun intended was it was just straight sex from the 1st chapter til like chapter 8.

Oct 31, Monique rated it it was ok. View all 11 comments. Sarina Brunes is a werewolf princess who is going through her breeding cycle. All those pent up, repressed desires…. Other books in the series. Luckily for Sarina, a male does turn up who is in fact h The start of this book begins partway through a dream although this is not immediately clear and what a dream! Apparently there’s a virgin werewolf princess and then there’s an alpha wolf and there’s an evil werewolf king and werewolf prince.

Luckily I was in the right mood, I almost felt bad for her when she went into heat, but she had a delicious respectful alpha male to ease her way, so in the end she ended up winning. But you know what? Describe the creatures because your werewolves could well be disco fur balls and we wouldn’t know because of your lack of description If there’s a female werewolf, I want her to be strong! Apparently there’s a virgin werewolf princess and then there’s an alpha wolf and there’s an evil werewolf king and werewolf prince.

Gosh, to think people actually buy this. Possibly even killed her mother In her he finds the mate he has been looking for. I have come to the conclusion that the very thin plots and too much sex in both the books I read are just not my cup of tea.


However the author does make references to a beast, improved hearing, sight, and sound, so I think werewolf is a possibility. I couldn’t finish this book.

Oct 12, Debbie rated it liked it Shelves: It was a waste of my time. A big ole P-A-S-S for me. Finished too quickly, but had the next one to head into. I know, I tried. The Kategan Alphas 7 books.

The beginning the main character Sarina is having an imaginary 3 way which i didn’t actually get was imaginary until she proclaimed she was a virgin later on, the whole book was just a load of foreplay no real story.

The Colonybook 6 Grace Goodwin. The only thing described in this book is related to the apparently awesome kinky sex the two werewolf horny humans are experiencing. Then, it’s the typical – not so typical, but we’ll get to that in a moment – boy meet girl.

I don’t need much when reading a paranormal novella involving were-wolves. If you told me this book was by same author i wouldn’t believe you.

Breeding Cycle (Kategan Alphas, book 1) by T A Grey

I think I would have preferred a shorter book with less sex and more dialogue. It’s the author’s job to accurately and succinctly depict what they want to get kqtegan. View all 3 comments. In the span of around two weeks I don’t see how Vane and Sarina could be in love.

This has got to be the worst book I’ve ever read.