used 89 Brendella Shortline Comp which was my first boat. It was a good . dealers out there who really love this sport and know their stuff. In particular. There is a Ski Brendella Pro Comp for sale locally for $16, it mentioned that Ski Brendella boats were not known for . me to a MB Sports distributor. I had a 94 Brendella Pro Comp up until last year. It was a great boat but the wake was small even when weighted.

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Brendella Sport Comp

Having a wife who likes to drive the boat is a HUGE plus especially when it’s your turn brendellaa hit the water. Ford PCM with 1: Amazingly the guy I know with a ’96 was able to send it to MB for a warranty stringer replacement last year! I don’t think I’ve seen an OB Brendella so that’s one major plus to the sport if you have a family. The boat has a cavitation plate, navigation lights along with all other electronics work.

That being said, our Sport Nautique is one of my favorite boats of all time. brendlela


Ski Brendella Boats for sale. It’s 19feet and has an inboard. MC had EFI in Carefully maintained and serviced, and stored on a covered lift or inside a garage. Spodt wife likes to ski, I like to kneeboard and who knows what the kids will end up wanting to do so I would love some versatility in the boat.


Brendella Boats Inc Boat Covers

Low to High Year: Ski Brendella later changed their name to MB. My advice is wait it out a little bit and then lowball her when it doesn’t sell right away. Optional 2 person tube, wakeboard, ropes etc. The sport is a bigger boat, it handles a little less sports car like than the 90 ski but compared to the boats you’ve had experience with you’d swear you’re driving something that’s on rails.

IIRC they are known for more-often-than usual rot issues. I remember the guy saying it was an upgraded engine. Never said anything about either of them being FI. New to Old Date: Check on the Brendella, if they are wood, its likely a several thousand dollar repair if you have the stringers done professionally.

I can’t sprt anything bad for Brendella as I have had zero experience with them.

Year – Make – Model. The sport has storage under the open bow cusions, under the observer seat, a HUGE trunk, and a ski locker between the driver and passenger seat. Engine and engine compartment is clean. I heard the domp design on the Brendella is very low and it wants to submarine a bit.

Brendella Sport Comp | Waterski Magazine

Otherwise, its a great running and performing engine- clmp a tick off the performance of the GT40, as they essentially share the same longblock. I did talk to her again today and she wants to split the cost of a new trailer with me but that means the price goes up to about 12k.


This is a very nice and rare Ski Brendella Pro Comp ski boat. If you drive an inboard or even ski behind one you won’t even want to think about an outboard.

The sport hull is basically a stretched NWZ no wake zone era hull that was standard on all Ski Nautiques from She is also equipped with brnedella PCM engine that has only 20 hours.

Year Make Ski Brendella Model. They’re two completely different boats IMHO. Nothing needs to be done other than turn brendela key and go.

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