Lighter weight of the reduction gear units at equivalent performance. Compatibility with the previous Brevini planetary range, which makes the new E Series. brevini catalogues, brevini gearboxes, brevini sellers, brevini distributors. BREVINI POWER TRASMISSION Planetary gear units flange mounted. Complete. Brevini “S Series” is the best solution for all applications requiring high torque with minimum dimensions, on fixed industrial equipment and heavy self- propelled.

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Brevini UK, specialists in power transmission engineering, were delighted to be chosen by AMCO Engineering to provide technical expertise and to supply the complete drive packages for a major Transport for London TfL project, part of the refurbishment and upgrade of the linkspans loading bridges at the Woolwich Yearbox in London. Planetary gear units shaft mounted FP series. In addition, for up to 4 reduction stages, it provides in line and right angle execution.

The original lifting system comprised of electrically powered winches and wire ropes which were reaching the end of their useful life.

Planetary gear units shaft mounted. New Industrial Catalogue The project builds on our expertise across maritime, wind and civil engineering industries, pplanetary we are fortunate to have an unrivalled breadth of engineering experience coupled with access to a vast product range.



Brevini Power Transmission Group: Guidelines for selection of gearboxes. Briggs Marine Contractors, who operate the ferry under a long term contract with TfL and are managing the overall life extension project, awarded the linkspan refurbishment contract to AMCO Engineering in and the works were completed in late Installation and maintenance manual gear units for track drives. lpanetary

Areas of activity Gearbox repair and service Site working Planned preventative maintenance Technical Support. Complete catalogue Installation and maintenance manual gear units pplanetary applications and slewing drives Guidelines for selection of gearboxes. Industries served Applications Sectors Case studies.

Max output torque up to 6 Nm. Max output torque up to 65 kNm.

Max output torque up to 5 Nm. Gear gearblx Planetary gear reducer Helical gear reducer Precision gear reducer Orthogonal gearbpx reducer Coaxial gear reducer Parallel-shaft gear reducer Gear train gear reducer Transmission gear reducer Compact gear reducer Bevel gear reducer Industrial gear reducer High-torque gear reducer Low-noise gear reducer Hollow-shaft gear reducer Modular gear reducer Vertical gear reducer Extruder gear reducer Gear reducer for industrial applications Tandem gear reducer.

The latest Brevini Riduttori range offers several key features. Max output torque up to 6 kNm. Written on March 15, Prices are indicative only and may vary by country, with changes in raw materials prices or exchange rates. S Series – Complete catalogue. Complete catalogue Installation and maintenance manual gear units for track drives Max output torque up to 6 Nm Installation and maintenance manual gearmotors for track drives.


Send us an email info tecnicaindustriale. Flange Mounted and Atex: Planetary gear units foot mounted. The Online Industrial Exhibition. These include 8 gearbbox, which are developed harmonically, planegary from 34, Nm toNm nominal torque.

Home Page – Brevini USA

Nominal torque up to Installation and maintenance manual ATEX gearboxes. Also available are input models with male input shaft, electric and hydraulic motor arrangement, and option of multidisc brakes. This was made possible by replacing the old counterbalance shafts with new assemblies directly coupled to new drive system gearboxes. High Torque “S Series”: View the catalog Go to the Brevini Power Transmission website for more information.

Installation and maintenance manual gear units for tyred vehicles. Planetary gear units flange mounted.