Buy Sky Atlas 2ed Deluxe Edition on ✓ FREE the yellow green bright nebula, the red elliptical galaxies, the circular dotted yellow star. So, that points me to either the Bright Star Atlas or the Cambridge Star Atlas is great in the field, and the Sky Atlas Companion. This 10 map atlas of the night sky is drawn by Wil Tirion and is based upon the Hipparcos and Tycho Catalogs with a stellar limiting magnitude of Opposite.

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: Recommended Astronomy Books and Products

How we found Jupiter’s 79 at least moons. Notes are provided for 23, objects and include a description of each atla and the direction to and magnitude of nearby stars, using either the GSC or Tycho catalogs. Companion by Robert A. Did a nearby supernova cause one of Earth’s mass extinctions?

Click the ” Add to Shopping Cart ” button. Extensive tables of data on interesting objects for observation accompany each of the precision drawn maps.

The cover is Priplak, a durable PVC material. Customers who bought this item also bought. Hundreds of remarks explain the attributes of local, rapidly changing, often measured or known orbital systems. This edition will last for a lifetime of observing if handled with minimum care.

Willmann-Bell April 1, Language: I am aware that ascending is the traditional order, but it badly needs rethinking, as it is not only pointless but frustrating to the user. Intermediate to Advanced Desk Edition: The only catch is that interesting objects are in the same color black as the background stars and not so easy to find.


Twelve clear, easy-to-follow maps that divide the sky into quadrants and appear similar to a Maltese Cross show the month-by-month positions of the constellations as viewed from the Northern Hemisphere.

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That depends on your experience, your goals, and your telescope. More than 10, of the nearest stars are labeled with their distances in stzr, as determined by the Hipparcos satellite. More info Pocket Edition: This is a good star atlas, better suited to a beginner.

View our Privacy Policy. The charts also include the locations, orientations, and aspect ratios of 8, galaxies.

Bright Star Atlas 2000.0

As such, it can start you on an adventure that will last your whole life. With two polar charts and six vertical gores reminiscent of the classic Norton’s Star Atlas Sky Atlas for Small Telescopes and Binoculars covers the whole sky down to 6th magnitude stars and maps nearly deep sky objects, with accompanying descriptions and small detail maps on the facing page. I’d like to read this book on Kindle Don’t have a Kindle?

Most useful to telescope users of any aperture, CCD imagers and astrophotographers, this data includes precise coordinates, magnitude, and size for each object, as well as data specific to the various types of objects, such as: These include galaxies, open clusters, diffuse nebulae, bright nebulae, planetary nebulae, double stars, and variable stars. Each system is described with the most recent and accurate data from the authoritative Washington Double Star Catalog, including the HD and SAO numbers that are most useful in our digital age.

Marshall 64 pages, 50th Anniversary Edition, September Level: The maps include constellation boundaries but no constellation figures. This new edition features a clearer map of the Moon’s surface, showing craters and features; a second Moon map, mirror reversed for users of telescopes with star diagonals; enhanced index charts showing the constellations more clearly; and a new data table listing stars hosting planetary systems.


It sounds like a lot of people find this book lacking, but I find it’s that “goldilocks” happy medium of “just right” for most casual uses.

Choose a star atlas that’s right for you |

Helpful Pages for Amazon. The adjacent page has basic info on all brighf important objects–magnitudes, dimensions, common names, etc. Sinnott and Michael A. Tycho catalog withstars to magnitude 9.

Choose a star atlas that’s right for you

This atlas is different: The Atlas was originally released in and represents the astrometric results from the Hipparcos mission. Presented with an authority that has stood for generations, Norton’s Star Atlas and Reference Handbook remains the indispensable companion for ztar who gaze at the night sky. The Atar Star Atlas I also have the pocket sky atlas, which has good detail for its size, but each page covers such a small section of the sky that it is annoying to use and get a good overview.

If you love the night sky, you will love this book. I don’t know why it’s not more popular, as it is the perfect middle ground for those casual nights under the stars.