by Roland Burkart (Author). Be the first to review Das vorliegende Buch entfaltet systematisch die Perspektiven der Kommunikationswissenschaft. Der Autor. Kommunikationswissenschaft: Grundlagen Und Problemfelder. Umrisse Einer Interdisziplinaren Sozialwissenschaft: Roland Burkart: : Books. Roland Burkart. nap, New Acad. Press Volume 8 of Studienbücher zur Publizistik- und Kommunikationswissenschaft / Studienbücher zur Publizistik- und.

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Which kind of messages promote or hinder the takeover decision?

Institut für Publizistik- und Kommunikationswissenschaft » FP Diskursqualität

To what extend is framing able to change existing or establish of new patterns of thinking? This paper is intended to be an introduction to the elucidation of the mutual understanding on the basis of the concept interpretation.

September und es wurden insgesamt Analyseeinheiten untersucht. In order to launch a successful marketing campaign in the independent music industry, identity-based kommunikationswissenschafh branding vlg.

symbolischer Interaktionismus by Esther Buchas on Prezi

Selected contents from this journal. How should messages and content be framed to be adopted more easily? Changes and discrepancies withing self-evaluation questions were of particular interest. Das Subjekt der Unterwerfung. Which type of communication proves to be more successful at which point in the diffusion process? What is the role of Web 2. The success of Framing can be evaluated by measuring the framing effects.

JavaScript is turned off in your web browser. The results indicate a change of attitude within the entire fan community of Efterklang. They further suggest that activating existing schemes, transforming old or establishing new schemes had been successfully executed in this case.

In general, a positive attitude towards the innovation in the beginning leads to quick adoption. Additionally the survey aimed to trace the diffusion process of the film within the fan community rolahd tried to outline possible opinion leadership within the community. Bruhn can be key. The concept was surprisingly successful with screenings all over the world within a period of two months.


Welche Rolle spielen Web 2. The empirical research is designed as a combination of two methods.

“An Island”

Kommunikationswiszenschaft first online survey addressed all hosts of a Private-Public Screening, asking them about their communication behavior and their useage of social media platforms. Furthermore this allowed to review and determine the framing effects. Turn it on to take full advantage of this site, then refresh the page. What role do emotions and exclusivity play?

The innovation decision process can be seen as the most important moment of the diffusion of innovation, as the adopter decides at this point whether he will adopt the innovation or not. Which media are most important for the diffusion process? Also, opinion leaders confirmed that opinion askers and opinion seekers were easily persuaded to adopt the innovation. The main objective was to identify and classify frames used within those postings.

Showing that the possibility of the mutual understanding of egocentric subjects is a deceptive paradox helps us comprehend the anthropological foundation of this phenomenon. Results indicate that mass media messages seem too abstract and impersonal to promote successful adoptions within the diffusion process.

Concerning opinion leaders it turned out that they had contributed to the diffusion process most successfully through face to face communication. The study revealed changing the recipients attitude towards the innovation was successful in those cases were information about the innovation was cumulative and consonant.

Can value framing facilitate and speed up the acquisition process? The concept is using the idea of simplifying and prioritising information. Humann, Lisa “An Island”.

Das Konzept war mit Screenings weltweit innerhalb eines Zeitraums von zwei Monaten sehr erfolgreich. Wie kumulativ und konsonant muss die Informationsvermittlung sein? Der Zeitraum erstreckt sich vom 9.

Frames make use of established patterns in the communication process — existing schemes and strereotypes — facilitating the process of selecting, structuring and memorizing new information. The second online survey was dedicated to re-check and validate the results from the first survey.


Wie sind rolanx Botschaften inhaltlich gestaltet oder geframed?

The major part of the text is an attempt at explanation of the role of interpretation in the process of shaping of the subject. To find out about the existence of opinion leadership, some of the questions asked were designed to be self-evaluating, which is a common method to identify opinion leadership in online surveys vgl. November bis zum 1. Diffusion theory deals with the spreading of innovations within a social network and their adoption.

The research identified the following frames: Zu welchem Zeitpunkt im Diffusionsprozess ist welche Art von Kommunikation am erfolgreichsten? Das Forschungsdesign ist ein Methodenmix aus einer zweigeteilten Online-Befragung und einer Inhaltsanalyse der Kommunikation auf Facebook und Twitter, deren Kern die Frameanalyse bildet.

The mutual goal of both strategies are a strong artist-fan relationship and intensive communication between artists and fans vgl. The author raises the question about how is it possible to understand each other kommunlkationswissenschaft spite of the fact that the mental world is immediately inaccessible. How important are band-to-fan communication and first hand information? The film kommunikqtionswissenschaft released in and the band asked doland fans to host Private-Public Screenings of the film at their homes.

He argues that the possibility of the mutual understanding is an anthropological constant: The theories leading this research are diffusion theory and the framing concept. The final part of the text outlines the problem of the mutual kommunokationswissenschaft in the real interactional burrkart and focuses the attention on three fundamental factors: It is argued that the germ of the subjectivity is the instinct for self-preservation which determines the fundamental relation of the human to the world: