: Zhuangzi: Basic Writings (): Zhuangzi, Burton Watson: Books. The Complete Works of Zhuangzi (Translations from the Asian Classics) [Burton Watson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Only by. Zhuangzi elucidates this mystical philosophy through humor, parable, and Burton Watson’s conversion to pinyin in this book brings the text in line with how.

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Nothing but a man! It was stupid of me to send you to offer condolences.

Of these four, which knows how food ought to taste? They forget liver and gall, cast aside ears and eyes, turning and revolving, ending and beginning again, unaware of where they start or finish. How do I know why it is so? He tells confusing, entertaining nonsense stories and leaves it to the reader to figure out what the hell he’s talking about. You will find your eyes growing dazed, your color changing, your mouth working to invent excuses, your attitude becoming more and more humble, until in your mind you end by supporting him.

The future you cannot wait for; the past you cannot pursue. Am I waiting for the scales of a snake or the wings of a cicada?

Burton Watson, Zhuangzi: Basic Writings – PhilPapers

But now I see there is something even higher! It leaps and races east and west, not hesitating to go high or low-until it falls into the trap and dies in the net. Another day, the two met again and Yen Hui said, “I’m improving! Please try again later. When the authorities call out the troops, he stands in the crowd waving good-by; when they get up a big work party, they pass him over because he’s a chronic invalid.


When one ceases to judge events as good or bad, man-made suffering disappears, and natural suffering is embraced as part of life. The Great and Venerable Teacher 7: Penumbra said to Shadow, “A little while ago you were walking and now you’re standing still; a little while ago you were sitting and now you’re standing up. After Carpenter Shih had returned home, the oak tree appeared to him in a dream and said, “What are you comparing me with?

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Chuan Hsu got it and zhhangzi in the Dark Palace. This man, with this virtue of his, is about to embrace the ten thousand things and roll them into one. But perhaps you have some advice you can give me.

Zhuangzi: Basic Writings

aatson You, a worthless man about to die-how do you know I’m a worthless tree? He slithered the knife along with a zing, and all was in perfect rhythm, as though he were performing the dance of the Mulberry Grove or keeping time to the Ching-shou music. It crouches down and hides, watching for something to come warson. He wasn’t in the position of a ruler where he could save men’s lives, and he had no store of provisions to fill men’s bellies.

Confucius said, “Make your will one! But if you were to hide the world in the world, so that nothing could get away, this would be the xhuangzi reality of the constancy of things. Where there is recognition of right there must be recognition of wrong; where there is recognition of wrong there must be recognition of right.


A mediocre cook changes burtonn knife once a month-because he hacks. Why don’t you plant it in Not-Even-Anything Village, or the field of Broad-and-Boundless, relax and do nothing by its side, or lie down for a free and easy sleep under it?

Axes will never shorten its life, nothing can ever harm it. This is the changing of the ten thousand things, the bond of Yu and Shun, the constant practice of Fu Hsi and Chi Ch’u. A road is made by people walking on it; things are so because they are called so.

Nieh Ch’ueh asked Wang Ni, “Do you know what all things agree in calling right? As to what is within the Six Realms, he theorizes but does not debate.

Even a commoner cannot be forced to act, much less one of the feudal lords. I go along with the natural makeup, strike in the big hollows, guide the knife through the big openings, and follow things as they are.

Chuang Tzu

Write a customer review. But I do not know, when it comes to nonbeing, which is really being and which is nonbeing. How could I know anything about such discriminations? If you act in accordance with the state of affairs and forget about yourself, then what lesiure will you have to love life and hate death?