Read High Voltage Engineering book reviews & author details and more at C L Wadhwa, was a former Professor and Head, Department of Electrical. High Voltage Engineering [C.L. Wadhwa] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The book provides a clear, systematic and exhaustive. The book provides a clear, systematic and exhaustive exposition of various discussions of High Voltage Engineering. Generation of a.c., d.c. and impulse.

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Thus, a vacuum arc is different from the general class of low and high pressure arcs. Therefore, the particles will be dragged into the uniform field region. Saumya marked it as to-read Apr 22, However, solid insulating materials are used only to provide insulation only. This is also used as a substrate for flexible printed circuits and flexible cables. Due to their small area of cross-section, the projec- tions will suffer explosive evaporation by resistive heating and supply sufficient quantity of vapour for the arc formation.

A close agreement between the calculated and experimentally deter- mined values is obtained when the gaps are short or long and the pressure is relatively low.

A scale model of the electrode configuration is set up in a tank with insulating walls, filled with suitable electrolyte e. The electrically live conductors are supported on insulating materials and sufficient air clearances are provided to avoid flashover or short circuits between the live parts of the system and the grounded structures.

When breakdown occurs the gases regain their dielectric strength very fast, the liquids regain partially and solid dielectrics lose their strength completely. The separation of the C. A few photo plates to give a physical feel of various equipment’s in a high voltage laboratory. Raether and Meek have proposed that when the avalanche in the gap reaches a certain critical size the combined space charge field and externally applied field E0 lead to intense ionization and excitation of the gas particles in front of the avalanche head.


Metastables have a relatively high potential energy and are, therefore, able to ionize neutral particles. Electronic Breakdown Once an electron is injected into the liquid, it gains energy from the electric field applied between the electrodes.

The oil impregnated paper bushing is made by wrapping untreated paper after inserting foil sheets at the appropriate position and then im- pregnating with transformer oil after vacuum drying.

High Voltage Engineering

Another recently developed resins is poly carbonate PC which is good heat resistant; it is flexible and has good dielectric characteristic.

It is to engiheering noted that if the electric field is uniform or weakly non-uniform, the partial discharge or normal breakdown takes place at the same electric field intensity.

Epoxyresin is then sprayed to fill the winding. The average current then increases steadily with applied voltage, leading to breakdown.

High Voltage Engineering : C. L. Wadhwa :

Moisture from the air is removed by refrigeration, by drying agents or by storing at several times the working pressure and then expanding it to the working pressure for use in the C. The onset voltage is independent of the gap length and is numerically equal to the onset of streamers under positive voltage for the same arrangement.

This reduces the compound content at higher gradients and may result in void formation at higher engineeriing. It should not be affected by chemicals around it 5. This method is however quite time consuming.

These discharges are known as Corona discharges. As an electric field is applied, the electrons gain energy and due to collisions between them the energy is shared by all electrons. If the thickness of paper is 0. Sometimes a high resistance for discharge is connected across the termi- nals of the capacitor for safety reasons. For use in cable industry the polymer must be compounded with a plasticizer which makes it plastic over a wide range of temperature. If this field intensity is within the permissible value of desired field intensity we stop as the optimal configuration is obtained right at the first step.


The book provides a clear, systematic and exhaustive exposition of various dimensions of High Voltage Engineering. Compare voltagge brief various numerical techniques to study or evaluate the electric field distribution in dielec- tric medium.

The process of multiplication of charged particles by the process of collision is very small in the space between the electrode in vacuum, electron avalanche is not possible. Ceramics materials are produced from clay containing aluminium oxide and other inorganic materials.

The author has taught the subject at the Delhi College of Engineering for quite a number of years and while preparing lecture notes he referred to some of the books and journals and some literature from the internationally famed manufacturers of High Voltage equipments e. Visit our Help Pages. Modification of Contour Elements This method is based on the qualitative correlation between the curvature of an electrode sur- face and its electric field intensity.

The optimisation charges are obtained corresponding to a partial solution of mathematical problem.