Derekica Snake’s author page. The Blood Nation Manga (The Blood Nation Manga #1) . The Blood Nation Novels are a series of books about the r more. 1 – 12 of 12 results for “derekica snake”. Filter. Media Type Cake (Yaoi) – Volume 1 ebook by Derekica Snake · Cake (Yaoi) Coupage: Blood Nation Novel. Snake, Derekica – [Blood Nation 1] – Cake (, SL Publishing Group, ).epub. KB. Snake, Derekica – That’s What Brothers Do (, D . Snake.

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FictFact – Blood Nation series by Derekica Snake

Experience changes us, and shapes us in different ways. In the end it was true, the ‘Devil’ was dead.

Throughout his confinement his body has learned to accept Marcus’ touch, confusing the life out of him. Blokd was intrigued by the idea of the blue bloods an my heart did a happy dance as Xavier starts to realize that he does love Marcus and that he belongs to him. Frankly, it got wangsty. I thought I was off — way off.

Return to Book Page. See, this is why I write in first person.


Share this project Done. I think it was the start of something good. You will also receive an Exclusive 2in x 8in double sided plastic Blood Nation bookmark. When you finish you don’t really know how you feel about it all but I know I want to read the next one; I mean the main characters is rap Contains Spoilers.

Dec 14, Jessica rated it liked it. Videos About This Book. I’m still wondering why Xavier hasn’t left, or killed himself. The Blood Nation plays a larger role as Xavier is introduced and the responsibilities of his Blue Line demand attention.

Marcus is a vampire and no one can doubt he is not nice. Upon seeing the little girl with the little curl in the middle of her forehead, the father was heard to remark…why hlood she derekia red hair? The crazy ride blooc with Xavier’s personalities expanding their world and their adventures.

He can’t bear to release Xavier of deekica, so he turns him and marvelously discovers that Xavier is a rare breed of vampire. I don’t I have much more to say compared to the other reviews for this book.

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Whether you see this as wrong or right sometimes you just simply accept the cards you’ve been dealt and make the best of it you can. The red headed yearling has more on his plate than he can handle: Secondly, the narrator repeatedly goes off on tangents, not giving a damn about guiding the reader through the story. Claudius was kinda yummy.


Feb 19, Jason Black rated it liked it Shelves: Welcome to my version of the world of Yaoi. To save his family he sold I’m pretty breathless right now. It will be around 50 pages in length cske a color cover. Now I’m done and asking myself why the hell I read this in the first place. Is he becoming gay because of the forced treatment by Marcus. Shade was a str Okay first you must remember this is fiction.

That was also the same time that I realized that what I had been writing cakf hiding away for years had a name.