Derekica Snake’s author page. The Blood Nation Manga (The Blood Nation Manga #1) . The Blood Nation Novels are a series of books about the r more. 1 – 12 of 12 results for “derekica snake”. Filter. Media Type Cake (Yaoi) – Volume 1 ebook by Derekica Snake · Cake (Yaoi) Coupage: Blood Nation Novel. Snake, Derekica – [Blood Nation 1] – Cake (, SL Publishing Group, ).epub. KB. Snake, Derekica – That’s What Brothers Do (, D . Snake.

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I’m going to get ready for the next one, and I don’t want to give too much away.

He is effortlessly easy to root for, and picking up his story again is like catching up with a good friend. And the part at the barn towards the end with the red giants was totally unnecessary in my opinion. I was initially put off, as the writing seemed juvenile and his captor had a British accent, and Edward came off as very feminine.

A loving mate, a highly sought-after position as Chief Derelica of the Unity, and now the possibility of a young in the near future. The world and some of the concepts relating to the vampires were unique and interesting, but the very unlikable protagonist Marcus and Xavier’s unrealistic fondness for him ruined everything else.


On to Cinnamon immediately.

There’s a lot of drama, but sometimes you have to go with the flow and the book has also a lot of funny moments. Friendship and family are as important as the romantic entanglements. I love to write but not about myself.

Feb 15, SusieQ rated it it was amazing Shelves: It’s not at all the book’s fault though. I don’t know what the fuck happened, and I didn’t like it either.

Cinder (Blood Nation, #2) by Derekica Snake

And they say PL Nunn is bad. I cannot get enough of my pretty men. Sort of glossing over the grey bits if you would. Sex saved Xavier’s life nearly a thousand times, but he wants more. He is sometimes Xavier and sometimes Sex; and Marcus and Armor likewise both make appearances hide spoiler ].

That expensive piece of paper honed my confidence enough to start sending out queries and posting my first drafts right to the net. Falling in love has not miraculously healed either of them.

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Read “continuously raped” instead “reshaped”; “forced” instead of “fixed” oh, don’t get me wrong, there WAS a choice – be a vampire and a vampire’s sex toy or be brain-dead and a vampire’s sex toy ; “broke me Ships to Anywhere in the world.


What can I expect the book to look like? She’s as snarky and cute as hell hehe as ever Feb 06, Chappy rated it it was amazing Shelves: Xavier’s capture was brutal, his year in confinement harsh and hard.

At the end it was about acceptance.

byy I was captured from the start and could hardly put it down. I feel like I’ve just come down from an acid trip The vampires in here weren’t apologetic. Still love and will reread again. I can’t wait to see what will happen with everyone in the next book.

FictFact – Blood Nation series by Derekica Snake

I wonder how Hades will fit into the mix.?. View all 6 comments. I’m so loving the Blood Nation world.

Really, just when I think snnake games are a bit much, some heart gets thrown in and I’m sucked into it all over again. View all 3 comments. I thought I was off — way off.