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When he needed an example of how a successful Internet business could be created from almost nothing, Rudl could always point to himself.

When people started seeing that my counter had logged over 1, visitors at Ruvl. We use software to automate most of the daily tasks like processing orders, managing e-mail, and such. That’s just too much. Spend your time and money driving them to your site and then show them how your product solves a problem they have.

You have to make sure you have a captive audience, then find out what they are having a common problem with. We made sure it was the best and then made it available to rul clients. But as your business grows, a good advertising campaign, joint venture, or affiliate program will outperform your search engine rankings every time — guaranteed.

General traffic is fine, but traffic targeted to your specific niche market is much, MUCH better. Corey, could you tell us a little bit about your own history and background? I’ve even done it a few times myself!

This would be absolutely impossible offline, but the speed and scope of the Internet allows us to do it at almost no cost. This means that your company now has a database of 10, highly targeted leads to market your products to.

Car Secrets Revealed by Corey Rudl Book The Cheap Fast Post | eBay

So we are actually using all the methods that we teach. Based on your experience, testing probably thousands of different strategies, what are the two most powerful ways to market your business on the Internet? What really sets us apart from all the other marketing courses, though, is that we give you the concepts AND the software tools you need revraled promote and automate your business on the Internet.


In fact, your ticket to success is failing regularly! And to get started building an opt-in e-mail list you NEED to be collecting e-mail addresses at your site. We specialize rdl showing people how they can drive tons of targeted traffic to their web sites and how to turn that traffic into sales and profits.

It will become more powerful and more useful as time goes on. If you are trying to sell books or Cra online, forget it — Amazon.

Corey Nicholas Rudl, 34; Internet Marketing Pioneer Was Motocross Champion as a Teen

When you are first starting out, keep it simple so that you can get up and running fast, but also realize that you’ll need to automate soon after you start. If you’re thinking about starting a small business, just do it! And we really do cover everything in the course escrets could ever imagine. The only difference on the Internet is that you can automate a lot of repetitive chores Many people think they can build a web site, submit it to the search engines, and the buyers will come.

You can’t just build a site, promote it, and try to think of a way to make money after the traffic comes. Illustrated Books on Books in English. Success through rul pay-per-click search engines is all about basic math. But managing a large affiliate program is a huge job, isn’t it? Hi Corey, and thanks so much for agreeing to do this interview.

Car secrets revealed ( edition) | Open Library

And since you already know exactly where your customers are, it’s revealde to target them. Actually, that brings up a good question: This is how we are able to guarantee your results. You can check it out at www. Sometimes, even if it seems like things are moving slowly, you’re actually building something great! If you could tell someone just one thing about how to be a success in marketing on the Web, what would it be?


Anyway, after a couple of days of testing, I discovered something that literally changed my life.

That secregs the kind of business you want. We’ve tried a lot of things, and we show you what works and what doesn’t — and where to spend your time and money for the biggest growth and the biggest profits.

He tried to steer businesses away from over-relying on Internet search engines and instead championed linking to other Internet companies that targeted the same market.

It is pointless to spend all your cash on a huge ad campaign when you have not proven that your web coret can sell a product. Why do you feel that so many people who attempt to create an income on the Internet fail to do so?

Car secrets revealed

I hope your family and friends realize that you would want them to be happy even though your not with them physically. Believe me, I’ve seen it happen more than a few times. But there really is no excuse for not following your dream. You have just captured an incredibly hot sales lead!

However, there is one tip that is more important than any other Learn how to drive targeted traffic to your site inexpensively and the rest will all come. I wouldn’t let the professor leave my office until she told me. So the key to your success is practicing what you preach?

I have not looked at the site myself in over tevealed years and it still generates a ton of money. The second marketing strategy that every e-business definitely needs to employ if they want to be successful is opt-in e-mail marketing. This could only happen in today’s online age! Deciding on a product before finding a market is a big one.