With the continued focus of its international development and the new brand positioning #HealthyLiving, Aldes commits to be at your side to support you daily in. Air Trade Centre. Clapet coupe-feu ISONE® rectangulaire – Aldes · Cartouches coupe-feu 1H30 et 2H type BK-CF90 – Air Trade Centre. Cartouches et bouches coupe feu. Terminal fire dumper. Volets. Smoke control dumper. C. A. LA d. A. Ir. IN t er. N. At. Io. N. A. L. CIA t. FrANCe AIr. ALdeS.

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Discover in this catalogue: Find also in this catalogue: Already available in our website www.

Smoke exhaust fans, smoke exhaust dampers, fire dampers The new single room heat recovery solution that brings a breath of fresh air to all renovation projects. New range of “tailor-made” grids and diffusers adapted to all requests from architects in terms of finishing.

Aldes International

Pictograms on each branch connection indicate the destination room connected kitchen, bathroom, etc. The excellence in constant airflow regulation patented by Aldes. New linear slot diffusers with elegant and discreet design. HRV units, controlled mechanical ventilation, terminals and air inlets, plastic ductwork The first humidity-controlled air inlet to be specially designed for roller blind boxes. Silent operation Using the built-in anti-vibration strips.


ALDES Cartouche coupe-feu 1H – D200 – ALDES

Two screws are all that is needed to fix it to the wall, the floor or the ceiling. To meet this requirement, construction professionals need reliable ventilation solutions that are easy to install, both for new construction projects and renovations.

Swirl diffuser with high induction air diffusion using air jet rotation inside the plenum. This first section presents the Aldes offer concerning Air diffusion, airflow control and ductwork ranges.

Ultra-flat centralised mechanical exhaust ventilation.

These figures show that we all should be able to breathe clean air in our home, whatever the location and type of dwelling. Click here for download the catalogue. Aldes worldwide You will find here all the informations about Aldes: The new exhaust ventilation solution that adapts to all constructions.

Designed for installers, by installers ALDES has completely redesigned itsresidential unidirectional ventilation range to offer professional and DIY installers the maximu m in terms of ease and reliability: This second part presents the Aldes offer concerning residential ventilation solutions.

CF1/CF2 – Terminal fire dampers | Aldes international

With the continued focus catouche its international development and the new brand positioning HealthyLiving, Fartouche commits to be at your side to support you daily in your projects.


Our Human Resources policy is crucial to the performance and substainable development of the Aldes Group. The first range of ventilation and connected air purification solutions. A collective goal shared by teams that subscribe to, and work towards, this goal. The high performance, connected central HRV solution.

Quick to install The unit features a pivoting access hatch and a quick-connect terminal block to simplify electric connections. This full-featured system blends air quality multiple pollution agent sensors, filtered incoming air with design customised grille covers. Recruitment process Our Human Resources policy is crucial to the performance and substainable development of the Aldes Group.

Fire protection

Find out more Download the brochure. Un enfant inhale 2 fois plus de polluants qu’un adulte. The first Aldes connected solution for centralised air purification which beats to the rythm of your life.