Review: Castle Falkenstein: High Adventure in the Age of Steam send a copy of the RPG back to our world where his friend, Mike Pondsmith. Castle Falkenstein came out in time when many games were focusing on as opposed to England were the vast majority of Victorian-based RPGs are set. From the back of the book: It’s a novel. It’s a game. It’s both. It’s Castle Falkenstein , an amazing journey into another universe just a few steps away from our own.

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Additional pages add options for war machines and other extras. Tom is from the real world who gets spellnapped into the world of Castle Falkenstein. From the back of the book: I supported becauseā€¦ “to name a few: Castle Falkenstein uses a simple system for dramatic action- a difficulty is set for the action and the player tries to meet that with the level of the relevant ability.

Castle Falkenstein | RPG | RPGGeek

Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. But the most interesting thing is the magic system.

Arguably, it is the first real Steampunk RPG. CF has a positive style reflected both in the fiction and in the rules. Castle Falkenstein was notable for being set in the Victorian area and on the European Continent; as opposed to England were the vast majority of Victorian-based RPGs are set. Throw away your dice and grab your deck o’ cards as if you were dumb enough to play poker.


But when Ludwig’s secret agents discover his archenemy. But it still keeps some odd trappings of numbers, crunch and details. The books spends about fifty pages setting up the idea of the melodrama, the character rules, typical adventures and associated tidbits like equipment.

Castle Falkenstein was ranked 45th in the reader poll of Arcane magazine to determine the 50 most popular roleplaying games of all time. Wars could be fought for them. The game’s system uses playing cards instead of dice to simulate action. A typical approach offers a foreigner or academic which can result in a mixed tone. It uses card play to match attacks, defenses, and rests.

The card system is interesting and fun and certainly had some effect on our house rules. Views Read Edit View history. Tom Olam, ex-game designer turned ace secret agent after being spellnapped to this steampunk reality, finds his skills put to the ultimate test: Talsorian Games to produce new supplements for Castle Falkenstein.

Stylistically, it picks up on ideas about story games brewing at the same time and moves them forward. Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki.

CF has players work through another version of the twenty-questions often used by games as a tool for character description most often seen in WW books.

GeekGold Bonus for All Supporters at year’s end: Each player has a hand of four cards from a standard playing card deck. When taking an action, players may lay down as many cards as they like. It also led to a near pathological desire in all players to look for any reason to jettison any Spades they held as they were nearly always useless.


Castle Falkenstein

Lavishly Illustrated, this is one Castle Falkenstein saga you can’t do without! Comme Il Faut Castle Falkenstein. Many fixtures of period fiction, high fantasy, and real history are all present, including high society catsle, wars between European powers, and the shadowy presence of magicians rppg faeries.

More Information Edit History. Views Read Edit View history. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The tone, as I said earlier, is upbeat. White Wolf Inphobia Issue 51 – Jan Interactive Fantasy Issue 2 – The final chapter details the rules; true to form, they’re designed to be played in the context of Victorian-era aristocratic life.

Rebel Times Issue 61 – Oct It is worth noting that the game gets some significant and interesting optional rules in Comme Il Faut and The Book of Sigils which makes those worth picking up if one is thinking about lifting parts of the game. It can feel clunky and artificial.

Resolution in the Cards Finally at page we get the actual rules for the game. Over the Edge and Unknown Armies. This was unique as many systems were moving towards more generic rule systems at the time.