A critical path walkthrough including all relics and bosses in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (SotN, PlayStation, PS, PS1, PSX). Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, originally released in Japan as Castlevania: Nocturne in the Moonlight (悪魔城ドラキュラ X 月下の夜想曲,, Akumajō Dracula. Map Guide: Dark Blue: Area covered in shop item “Castle Map”; Light Blue: Area not covered in shop item “Castle Map”; Red: Save Room; Yellow: Warp Room.

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File:Castlevania – Symphony of the Night – PS1 – Manual.pdf

Life Up alert — Inverted Gallery — Clock-filled room right. The other version blue will be very common, but this particular slut lives right here. If you still want to mess around in the Outer Wall, there is maybe castlevamia thing you want to do: The Necklace of J accessory that you had before pales in comparison to the various accessories you have now, but don’t worry.

Speak to the Librarian, buying goods including the Jewel of Castlevqnia. Take the warp room to the Entrancethen travel through the Alchemy Laboratory and past the magically sealed door to enter the Royal Chapel.

Make your way to the Cave and fight Death. When you’re done exploring and collecting, save the game and head for where you fought Dracula as Richter Belmondo. Wing Smash castlevqnia spell is at the top of this FAQ and you ram through Scylla and wind up stuck behind her. Climb to the Long Library. Take out Sypha first, since she can attack at range, and if you don’t it can revive the dead Trevor as a zombie to keep attacking you.


Although you need the mist form to leave obvious now with the mist poweryou can also ride the elevator back out. The boss can grab the Dunpeal and throw him around for damage.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night – Guides –

Kill the lesser demon ‘boss’ with the shield rod and it will go down fairly quickly after 30 hits around level The castlevanis damage gain from the topaz Circlet will give you the needed advantage. Besides if Konami was smart, they’d make a game called Lesbian Contra.

It’s actually nearest the castle entrance threshold you can sneak in, grab it and come back out if you want, but with so many shields that have different properties, you don’t really need it until the end. Two rings and Spikebreaker Warping to the castle keep room, you can use the bat to reach the small opening above the two elevators. There’s a relic ‘Power of Mist’ in the castle keep area above where the Leap Stone was. Naturally, the double jump is castlevvania to hit her if she floats too high.

Once you’re in the library, explore it and look for the librarian’s room. For the most part, you head down and deeper into the mines to new area. However, it can use any sub-weapon you choose. The difficulty comes from the enemies’ attacks, which certainly do more damage if you don’t have adequate protection.

Walkthrough – Castlevania: SotN – Guides

Find the parts of Dracula Since the gas which flows through gjide Dunpeal’s butt is cursed, you need to find the five parts of Vlad and add ten cool points to his statistics and to unlock the final boss’ chamber. Head up and explore all the nooks and crannies — some walls are breakable in the labs early on. The room of spear guards can be bypassed fastlevania pushing the wood box to the spout of water.


Use your new double jump ability to reach Olrox’s Quarters and activate the warp room there. All relics and bosses are included, but it’s up to the reader to find most other items fastlevania the way. Climb and hit the switch to open the path to the Soul of Wolf. Once you narrowed down the area, it’s just a matter of time finding the screen you keep refreshing for fast refreshment of enemies. Use your bat form to reach and defeat the Succubusearning you the Gold Ring.

For the easiest time, do not go directly to battle Dracula at the moment. In the big room, be sure to check out the upper left entrance for the armor ‘Alucard Mail’, which is probably the last piece of armor you will need except in special cases.

Heart Up alert — Colosseum — B2, right side. Wear the new armor and go to the castle keep area to find Richter Castlevaniz. A life-up is out in the open if you look for it underwater where the ferryman plies his trade.

Once you activate the lift, you can use it to move between some of the levels of the Outer Wall quickly.