View updated Caterpillar D11N Crawler Tractor specs. Get dimensions, size, weight, detailed specifications and compare to similar Crawler Tractor models. However, with a weight of around tons, and horsepower, the Cat D11 is clearly one of the big guys. The models shown here (actually 3 different. Mascus has these Caterpillar d11 dozers, attachments, construction – Others for sale.

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These dozers are generally regarded as big enough, and left the D-9 which for 20 years was the ‘big dozer’ 2 sizes down. As part of this process, the engine power and torque as well as the accessory configuration were determined to make the repower of the machine go as smoothly as possible.

As this was a new one, caterpillzr time was spent in the design and engineering for as thorough a preparation as possible. Repowering to meet the bid requirements made much more economic sense than buying another new machine, he said. No push dozer is needed. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Several levers have been changed into electronic switches, c11n several controls have been moved for increased visibility.

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The D11N’s improvements made it over 10 percent more productive than the D Since these machines have to be at least partially dismantled to move, their prime location is a mine or quarry catterpillar they will live until they are worn out. The D11 is most commonly found in use in large scale forestry, mining, and quarry operations. Services Dealer services User services Company directory Specs. He is under no illusions, though. March Learn how and when to remove cateepillar template message.


Read more about Caterpillar in Brands section. And, says Valantine, they have top-class fabricators who can turn out a reliable and durable product in a short time.

These machines are so big, so heavy and so expensive that caterpillae are unlikely to find them anywhere except in the mining industry.

Hard earth can also be ripped and decompacted to allow the planting of orchards which otherwise could not grow on the land. The U blade was just under 21 feet 6. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This would become known as the D11N Impact Ripper. D11s can be adapted for agricultural and rock ripping by fitting catterpillar ripper, a long claw-like device on the back of the tractor. They were clunky and awkward, but today’s excavator gets around as well as a dozer.

The engine driven scrapers have become million dollar yellow toys, while contractors have figured out that they can buy a giant articulated farm tractor, and a couple smaller scrapers for under half a million dollars.

The dozer blade on front of the tractor usually comes in three varieties:. The crawler tractor was invented and perfected in the Sacramento Valley of California as a farm tractor, by Holt and Best who were merged in to form Caterpillar Caterpkllar Company.

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Valantine says that the Johnson team is a highly motivated, well trained and high-achieving group that can take a project like this through to the end. The D11N was first introduced inpowered by a mechanical Cat at horsepower. Three Questions with Michel Marchand. Before the days of the dozer much road work was done with a cable shovel.

Caterpillar D11 – Wikipedia

Ultimately, the towed scraper was displaced by an engine driven scraper on rubber tires. The Caterpillar D11 is a large bulldozermanufactured by Caterpillar Inc. Just one man and no choker setting.

In the 20’s and 30’s before anyone thought of putting a blade on a crawler tractor, they were used to pull scrapers to move dirt. With the repower pre-engineered, the Johnson team was able to use many of the brackets and mountings and common components. Dozers caterpil,ar, h Bosnia-Herzegovina, Podgorica. The D-9 has, of course, grown over the years.

Used Caterpillar d11 dozers

Finning WesTrac Williams Adams. The repower puts a modern Cat C27 into the engine compartment of the earlier dozer, adding another two decades of life to a tractor that has already worked 20 years.

Please find below all the classified ads of used dozers, attachments, construction – Others available for sale. With this D11 repower, though, there was no state or federal funding. Caterpillar D11N Gross weight: