Caucasia: A Novel [Danzy Senna] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Look out for Danzy Senna’s latest book, New People, on sale in . Maya Jaggi on Danzy Senna’s parable of race, From Caucasia, With Love. A Longish Intro on How I Came Across this Book Danzy Senna reviewed a book in the New Yorker in May , a work she refers to as that.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here How does looking different in the world change you, even though you come from the same starting place?

Fanny Howe white, poet and Carl Senna black, journalist. While Birdie describes Samantha as having “deep-set eyes, caramel complexion Surprisingly, as disappointing as this book was, it is still a recommended read.

Caucasia Summary & Study Guide

Senna finds a perfect-pitch voice for Birdie that blends innocence, wry humor and straight-out pain. International book reviews praised Caucasia including Anthea Lawson of The Times London”Senna hits no false notes in this engrossing and powerful tale of identity and misplaced idealism.

How do her sexual experiences with Alexis compare to her later sexual experiences with Nicholas in New Hampshire? The two fall in love, their marriage Sandy’s ultimate rebellious act, Deck is black. And finally, about her finding her place in the world.

Review: From Caucasia, With Love by Danzy Senna | Books | The Guardian

No daughter of his is going to pass. Cole leaves for Brazil with her sennq and Birdie is on the run with her white activist mother fleeing the authorities.


Is Birdie a canary in the coal mine? He lives alone and professes to be glad to see Birdie again, but is emotionally distant. While passing ssenna typically associated with black people attempting to live as a white person to gain upward mobility, Sandy passes to escape her wealthy whiteness. When we first meet Birdie Lee, she is an 8-year-old whose whole world is her family: Interesting idea to explore but the characters were just not that likable.

Their wenna new black girlfriend won’t even look at Birdie, while their mother gives her life over to the Movement: I would claim that every book should be like this book, but every book we read can’t leave us feeling sennw this one left me – it would be too emotionally expensive.

We are the first generation of canaries to survive, a little injured perhaps, but alive! I don’t want to give the story away but it’s monumental and you will be emotionally involved in this book.

In Caucasia, language is an important part of passing from one identity to another. Sandy, too, has chosen to cross borders. Which sister seems to have become more like Deck, and which more like Sandy? Aug 24, Vaughn rated it it was ok Recommends it for: As Deck spells out to Birdie, race is not just an artificial construct, but a year-old scientific error: In general, Senna’s Caucasia received positive reviews that praised the author’s writing, themes and innovations that reinvent of the “tragic mulatto” genre.

Colour bind

In a racially divided Boston after the advent of civil rights, the sisters are sent to a black power school. Senna’s contrast of Samantha Taper and Birdie, now Jesse Goldman, exemplifies how black girl bodies are criticized and hyper-sexualized. Do you believe that they did? Deck heads for Brazil with Cole and his new girlfriend, while Sandy and Birdie go on the run to the “whitewashed” heartland of New Hampshire the “Caucasia” of the title camouflaged as “Sheila Goldman” and her half-Jewish daughter.


Birdie travels with her mother, losing all contact with her sister and father and integrates into a new life and school as someone she is not, she accepts it, but the truth seethes beneath the surface of all her interactions, she becomes numb to the misconceptions about who she is, until she has had enough and decides to go looking for Cole and her father.

As a result, politics, not emotions, are engaged. Reviewers like Clover Hughes were appreciative of the topics and themes in Caucasiaas well as the passion with which the book was written, “Senna writes about race and identity with intelligence and ardour, creating a compelling portrait of unconventional family life against the backdrop of radical activism and the undulations of black power in America in the Seventies.

In the woods one night in New Hampshire, Samantha says to Birdie: I also wonder not just about the physical appearance but the other aspects that make up character, that connect a child to a parent, that allow a child to understand themselves and their inclinations, interests etc.

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