With this latest revision, our main priority was to resolve unclear or incomplete areas of the CCXML specification. During this process several sections of the. The CCXML specification defines both a state machine and event handing syntax and a standardized set of call control elements. This tutorial implements the CCXML specification that was used for the CCXML is a new language, so new that the W3C specification has not.

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Platforms SHOULD reject standard events that do not contain all mandatory properties defined by the specification for that event. Different callers call into a conference through an agreed upon telephone number.

For further details please see section 3. The method of the message passing is up to the platform but it is assumed that there is some basic capacity in place.

Variables in the transition scope can also be created without an explicit declaration by assigning a value to a property of the transition object transition.

The implementation MUST allow reference to variables by their fully qualified names. When preparation of the dialog completes successfully a dialog. This call must be rejected. CCXML is designed to address the requirements of the entire spectrum of call control applications.

It is an ECMAScript expression which returns a character string that indicates the media encoding type of the submitted document when the value of the method is “post”. This indicates that the document is willing to use content whose age must be no greater than the specified time in seconds cf. This indicates that the document is willing to use content that has exceeded its expiration time cf.

The ID of the event source that specifixation been moved as specified either directly via the source attribute or indirectly via the event attribute of the move element. The maxage attribute is optional. A character string that indicates the character encoding type of the script. Connections c1 and c2 are connected with a half duplex bridge, connection 3 is not bridged at this point. By developing and deploying applications on a CCXML based SIP Softswitch, enterprises and carriers alike have access to a rich set of call control features while retaining the simplicity and power of web-based application development.


However, it should be noted that the two languages are separate and are not required in an implementation of either language. One session can span multiple documents and phone calls.

CCXML Implementation Report Plan

A full bridge is established between connections c2 and c3, connection c1 is still receiving from c2. This indicates that the document is willing to use content whose age is no greater than the specified time in seconds cf. As far as the VoiceXML application knows the call was just disconnected. While any event name is possible, there is a small set of well-known events that are generated as a matter of course, and which any telephone application should handle.

Refer to the discussion of bridging in Section These vendor implementations and tests are required by the W3C for all final Candidate Recommendation specifications.

The connection ID for the new connection is returned in the variable ” myConidVar “. The manner in which the message is displayed or logged is platform-dependent. This is the URI which all relative references within the document take as their base.

An ECMAScript expression that evaluates to the identifier of the connection on which the hang-up is invoked.

The value of each such property MAY be set to the corresponding string value of the attribute. The scope in which the variable is defined must be specificaiton from the position in the document at which the variable is defined. As both SIP and CCXML technologies are finding rapid adoption by carriers, enterprises, and consumers, many in the industry have wondered how these technologies work together in next generation telephony deployments.


The match is secification case-sensitive if the attribute is true. The Conference class currently has no defined properties. The http-equiv content may be used in situations where the CCXML document author is unable to configure HTTP header fields associated with their document on the origin server.

A tutorial on Call Control XML and voice browser call control

If a platform does not support removal of tones, it must ignore this attribute. The downloadable version of this article contains all of the code examples in easy to use text files. For example, if a dialog. VoiceXML Session variables are updated whenever there is an update to the associated connection ccxm, conference. CCXML may also receive events from Connection and Conference Objects, in the case of line signaling, line-status informational messages, or error and failure scenarios.

The queue of delayed events MUST be maintained locally and purged if the session issuing the request terminates before the event is sent.

In raw mode it is expected that this ccml will contain a string representation of the fetched content.

The application scope is opened by CCXML implementation before interpretation of a new session starts and exists until the session exits.