These are the few mock papers and previous year questions which would . 3- 10 December ; C-DAC’s Common Admission Test (C-CAT). CCAT will be conducted manually (Pen and paper based) at various Sample Questions for CDAC Common Admission Test (C-CAT). C-DAC Common Admission Test (C-CAT) result has been announced today. List of PG Diploma courses and the corresponding test paper(s) in C- CAT.

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For wrong answer to an objective type question, candidates will get -1 negative one of mark. It will be assumed that these candidates do not want to take admission and their cddac will be removed from the second round of seat allocation processing. What will be the out put of following program?

Training centres from other cities are attached to one of these regional placement programmes, so that students from all centres across India get fair chance in placements see Table 2 for details.

Candidates can add or delete preferences and also change their order of preferences before the last date of choice filling. The full caution deposit shall be refunded to the candidates who are not allocated any seat in the third round. It is fundamental to all the disciplines that use data identified by their locations. Only logged in users can reply. However, these candidates may be offered admission to i the same course at another training centre preferred by them where seats are available as per their ranks; or ii another course preferred by them at the same centre or another centre cda their choice, where seats are available as per their ranks.

The places near the center are WAY overpriced due to high demand and not maintained. How to register for C-CAT.


All the candidates who have got their seats allocated in this round will also receive an e-mail notification. Developing this kind of software is a challenging task as knowledge of system internals and quality programming skills are required. What is the advantage of inheritance? Sir I got rank in c-cat exam sir I can get the admission in cdac any center?


Laptop should have antivirus running on it and should be free from any virus, malware and spyware. Program counter in a digital computer A counts the number of programs run in the machine B counts the number of times a sub-routine is called C counts the number of time the loops are executed D points the memory address of the current or the next instruction 3.

Sudeshna Bhatnagar ; Ms. No caution deposit shall be refunded to the candidates to whom seats are allocated through the third round. Tuesday, January 1, HelloMy rank is Selected list of companies visiting C-DAC for campus placements. In the address bar enable popup option then you can able to take…. Gokul Peth, Nagpur, Maharashtra Mr. Over the years C-DAC has designed and delivered various postgraduate and undergraduate degree and diploma programmes.

C-CAT Test Papers and Syllabus

CDAC offers a good opportunity in terms of job placements. The objective type questions in all the test papers will have four choices as possible answers, of which, only one will be correct.

Candidates interested to avail hostel accommodation should send their requests to the Administrative Officers at the respective training centres, after the admission lists are published. The importance of biomedical engineers in the fast-growing healthcare industry is now well acknowledged and consequently new career options are available to them in healthcare industries both papes and internationally.

Sudharshan Reddy Branch Unspecified. Candidates will have the option to use their own laptops for C-CAT. Latecomers will be neither given any extra time nor refund of examination fee.

Syllabus and Test Pattern. Candidate has to submit it at the admitted centre while joining the course.

Sample previous years question papers for CDAC CET?

Reference books for the various topics in C-CAT. If a course at a particular training centre is cancelled by C-DAC due to lack of the minimum required number of students, the course fee paid will be refunded to the candidates. CS in 8th sem. Special training vet aptitude, general English, effective communication and interview skills. Do they release answer keys? Syllabus regularly updated with the latest trends in the ICT industry.


The list of courses offered and the maximum number of seats csac at all training centres of C-DAC are given in Table 4 of this Admission Booklet. The collaboration with the different multi-national companies at the level of mutual research interests and customer related projects will ease the path for campus recruitment. After downloading the admit cards, candidates should examine all the entries therein and also carefully read and follow the instructions on the cards.

Nilesh Shirke metiit met. Last Date of Payment of first installment for candidates allocated seats through the second round. Multiple answers to a question will be treated as a cddac answer.

Candidates who have opted to use their own laptops will have to report one hour before the scheduled start of C-CAT to check and confirm the readiness of their laptops. I’ve got Pune for ditiss. Cracking C-CAT is easy if you prepare for it strategically. The students will be able to work with big data platform, analyze various big data analysis techniques for useful business applications, design efficient algorithms for mining the data from large volumes, analyze the HADOOP and Map Reduce technologies associated with big data analytics, and explore cdzc data applications.

PG-Diploma in Advanced Computing. Candidates who have been allocated seats in any round of seat allocation, but have failed to confirm their admission by not paying the first installment course fee will have their seat allocations cancelled.

CDAC C-CAT 2019 – Admit Card, Exam Pattern, Syllabus, Books

It requires dedicated preparation and then several months of training in a good CDAC coaching centre. A an asset B a credit C a blessing D a boon 2. Post Graduate Diploma in Advanced Computing. Also the important topics for OS? Last Date of Payment of first installment course fee for candidates allocated seats through the papesr round.