English Language Development: California English language develop- ment standards & assessment: Evaluating linkage http:// be/ st/ ss/ documents/ English-language development standards for California Public Schools: www. st/ss/documents/ (accessed 23/4/10).

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California Content Standards & Frameworks | Oviatt Library

Web Topics for EL Teachers. CM trained coaches provide the training and support to teachers to enable them to provide explicit language support for content learning throughout the instructional day.

A backward design approach is fused with the principles of second language acquisition to create student-centered classrooms in which rigorous academic teaching includes explicit language instruction. Instructional Services for English Learners.

California Content Standards & Frameworks

California English Language Development Standards. Project GLAD training provides intensive professional development to teachers of English Learners, and one of the best things about the training is that the teachers will be able to see the strategies being taught in action!


Why teach about Hispanic Heritage Month? English learners at the secondary level have to face the challenge of meeting grade-appropriate content standards and performing well on required local and statewide assessments. CM coaches help content area teachers support secondary English learners in meeting this challenge by incorporating academic language instruction into their content area instruction.

When teachers are able to see the strategies being demonstrated with students, it makes all the more sense to them and improves the likelihood of implementation at the classroom level. Why teach about Hispanic heritage month. English Lang C EL students must master the conventions of standard English while simultaneously acquiring the discipline-specific language of multiple content areas.

Dia de Los Muertos. This Teacher Leader assists in coordination of EL staff development opportunities, provides direct teacher coaching and modeling of research-based instructional strategies within the region and for the division. Cdee to main content. English Lang D Each unit is supported by Teacher Leaders who serve as model teachers providing support and training within the Administrative Unit.


English Lang B CBL Liaisons provide direct teacher support to fellow educators using the CBL program of quarterly character themed literature units.