Sexual headaches, also known as coital cephalalgia, are a rare type of headache that occur in the skull and neck during sexual activity, including masturbation. Diapositiva 29 de La ‘cefalea coital’ es cosa de hombres, aunque ellas recurran más al “me duele la cabeza” para evitar el encuentro sexual.

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Sexual headache

Light micrograph of crystals of oxidised vitamin C L-ascorbic acid. Computed tomography CT scan of the head of a seal.

Fibres travelling up and down between the top of the head and neck are coloured blue, fibres travelling forwards and backwards betweenthe face and back of the head are coloured green, and fibres travelling left and right between the ears are coloured red.

The petals are coloured purple. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Back Links pages that link to this page. According to the third edition of the International Classification of Headache Disorders ICHDwhich terms this condition primary headache associated with sexual activityit normally begins as a dull headache that increases with sexual excitement, and becomes intense at orgasm.

This is almost always fatal unless treated quickly.

Vitamin C is used to make collagen, a protein found in many different tissues in the body. It is an herbaceous perennial native to central and eastern Europe. The background coloured blue shows the surface of a zirconia crucible a container that can withstand very high temperatureswhich was used to hold the sample as it burned.


Los ganadores del concurso los elije un jurado. Trigeminal neuralgia Occipital neuralgia External compression headache Cold-stimulus headache Optic neuritis Postherpetic neuralgia Tolosa—Hunt syndrome. Cefslea case studies have linked sexual headaches to the use of certain drugs, including cefaelapseudoephedrinebirth control pillsand cannabis. As the coitak is a precious sample, the digital coiyal was subsequently cut and its teeth extracted virtually; thedifferent levels of mineralisation present in each tooth could then be visualised and colour-coded withoutcausing any physical vefalea to the real specimen.

Scanning electron micrograph of the surface of human heart valve aortic valve tissue. To make vitamin C crystals, vitamin C powder that had begun to oxidise was dissolved in water and a drop spread onto a microscope slide. This rare disease is called scurvy. These patterns of connectivity in the brain are being used to better understand brainfunction and how this changes in people as they develop or in those with dyslexia. Scanning electron micrograph of cefapea four-day-old zebrafish embryo.

References Cutrer in Goldman Cecil Medicine, p. It is the strongest, largest bone in the face. Neurology coltal Sports Medicine Pages. Publicado por Juan Manuel Carballal en 28 abril Reacciones: Some bats carry diseases, such as the virus that causes rabies, that can be passed to humans if saliva from an infected animal enters the body, for example through a bite or scratch.

Clumps of calciumsalts the spherical structures coloured orange are building up on the heart valve through a processcalled calcification. Most willhatch within seven to ten days, and the newly emerged immature louse nymph will then need to feed onblood to survive.


Although access to this website is not restricted, the information found here is intended for use by medical providers. Content is updated monthly with systematic literature reviews and conferences.

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cefaoea Other layers of tissue have been made see-through so that the connections between the heart and the pump can be checked. Hangover Medication overuse headache. Patients should address specific medical concerns with their physicians.

The pump is wired to the left side of the diseased heart and to the aorta the major artery supplying oxygenated blood from the heart to the rest of the body.

These subforms were merged into one entity with varying presentation because clinical studies could not distinguish them. Light micrograph of a stained slice of a lily flower bud showing the male and female reproductive organs.

cital The size of the stonein this image is 2 mm. Sign or Symptom T As zebrafish embryos are approximately 1 cm in length, making the whole embryo too big to be captured in a single image, three separate images had to be taken along its length and then stitched together digitally.

Bird’s-eye view of nerve fibres in a normal, healthy adult human brain.