Changeless reached #20 on the New York Times Mass Market Paperback bestseller list on April 3, It was the first of Gail Carriger’s books to hit the list. Changeless is the second installment in the delightful historical fantasy Parosol Protectorate series by Gail Carriger. If you prefer to be unspoiled I suggest skipping this review. Dear Ms. Carriger: Changeless starts of slow and ends with a big cliffhanger.

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Alexia follows the trail and her husband to Scotland to solve the mystery. Umm, that was wrong, past self. We have this amazing soulless Italian gall who is very practical and efficient, then we have her super sexy alpha werewolf of a husband. These two snipe and insult each other, but you can see the love and devotion they have with each look, smile and touch.

Gail Carriger Reviewed by Louise Laurie 4.

So, on to the specifics of what irritated the crap out of me: Subscribe to the LoveVampires email newsletter and get site news, reviews and information delivered direct to your mailbox. Alexia is a fabulous narrator and I find her thought process and commentary hysterical! Changeless is a steampunk paranormal romance novel by Gail Carriger.

Jan 30, Alisha rated it it was amazing. Carriger chooses not to share with her readers details of the wedding but I can picture the scene in my mind’s eye, all the same. She just always seems to be in the middle of everything, but no good whatsoever. A mystery and a journey with two companions that made it more interesting.

Alexia is not best pleased.

Husband and blight both lead Alexia to Scotland. Lord Maccon was a huge character in the last book. His sudden disappearance entangles her with a regiment of supernatural soldiers, a group of exorcised ghostsand Queen Victoria herself. Emily Gray chamgeless a fantastic job and I’m dying for book three, not in the least thanks to that ending.


He doesn’t have to talk about everything he’s ever encountered, but maybe it would have been nice to share information specific to her.

Also, Conall does have a temper, but I still think him being so mistrusting of Alexia is vaguely out of character. View all 3 comments.

Changeless (Parasol Protectorate, book 2) by Gail Carriger

Well, we rejoin Alexia, Conall and co. And I did like Lord Maccon until the end of the story. I had fun trying to figure out what was going on with changelrss sexuality.

I’ll say naught but that you really ought to have Blameless on hand when you finish this.

I hope a bigger, badder predator bites you in your werewolf ass! The rest of the book…as if I can concentrate on the rest?

Without the furries and fang-faces, the government could not maintain power, and so Alexia is charged by Queen Victoria to solve the mystery.

Nearly the same thing practically speaking. Changeless is hilarious and full of the sort of hijinks that made the first novel so hilarious.

Set in an alternative London, where Queen Victoria reigns by virtue of the support of vampire hives and werewolf clans, who, collectively, make up the aristocracy of England. So, that ending was bad and good because it was a genuine surprise and I had to start the next book immediately.

Alexia is accompanied by Mr. Return to Book Page. Alexia is a very unique individual who has been born without a soul and with one touch can cause the prenaturals, the accepted werewolves and vampires, to become mortal. As it is, his actions feel like character assassination. Now–as for C I’m so upset right now, I just want to cry for Alexia.


Changeless | The Parasol Protectorate Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Alexia is settling in nicely to her roles as wife and “high-powered political daffodil. Makes me glad I’m reading book three next! Her biting wit is a weapon in its own right, but she now also has a fancy new parasol weapon her husband ordered for her. Alexia is less than thrilled with her entourage that includes her French maid, the snappish Felicity, Ivy, and Tunstell as their male escort.


She has no redeeming qualities and I don’t understand how or why Alexia puts up with her. I knew what was causing people to lose their supernatural abilities long before Alexia did. In SeptemberCarriger’s literary agent announced that worldwide rights to adapt the first three novels in the Alexia Tarabotti series as graphic novels have been sold to Yen Press.

View all 18 comments. The inciting incident in Changeless is Queen Victoria calling the troops home from India in this world, the fighting is mostly done by werewolves and the politics by vampires, which I think is a clever touch.

The Good Charm and wit abound, as usual. Thank goodness for “Papa’s books” which provide so much extra education for our protagonist. Oct 06, Shannon rated it it was amazing Shelves: