One of the most popular workouts to pack on muscle mass quickly is the German Volume Training (GVT) program. Many articles have been. by Charles Poliquin | 06/13/05 The goal of Advanced German Volume Training is to do ten sets of five reps with the same weight. The first workout is 75% of. The German Volume Training (GVT) principle of 10 sets of 10 reps of one particular exercise was popularised by Strength Coach Charles Poliquin many years.

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You can begin with a weight you could lift for 20 reps to failure. A workout routine similar to GVT was also promoted in the United States by the famous bodybuilder aka Ttraining Guru – the first bodybuilding coach Vince Gironda in forties and fifties.

UP in the Kitchen. Staying lean is difficult. Gains of 10 pounds or more in six weeks are not uncommon, even in experienced lifters!

Expect to have some deep muscle soreness without having to resort to set prolonging techniques. Here’s a sample routine that would increase your curling strength:.

Advanced German Volume Training | T Nation

This interval is not reported by Poliquin but scientifically this rest time is considered suitable for high intensity training regimen because recovery muscle phosphate level is very important to achieve maximum force.

Remember there’s only about 90 seconds rest when performed in sequence and seconds when volime as a superset. Most exercises have value if you do them correctly. Because of the importance of the rest intervals, you should use a stopwatch to keep the rest intervals constant. Here we target group of motor units and expose them to repeated extraordinary volume.

She started her career by shot-put. These healthed-up cookies will satisfy your cravings without expanding your waistline. Smith Machine Stiff-Legged Deadlift.


All in One Guide to German Volume Training (GVT)

Consequently, one training session every four to five days per volumf part is plenty. If ten is your target repetition goal then pick a weight that ensures you hit ten reps i. In fact, after doing a quad and hams session with this method, it takes the average bodybuilder about five days to stop limping. It was so efficient that lifters routinely moved up a full weight class within 12 weeks. If so, here’s the workout method you need.

The goal of the German Volume Training method is to complete ten sets of ten reps with the same weight for each exercise. Now let’s discuss about the origin of German Volume Training Program. The goal of chalres Advanced German Volume Training method is to complete 10 sets of ppoliquin reps with the same weight for each exercise.

Reps are the loading parameter to which one adapts the quickest.

This is because of a short-term neural adaptation. View this post on Instagram. View all articles by this author. The second and fourth number indicates time for isometric stop.

For long range movements such as squats, dips, and chins, use a 40X0 tempo.

Once you were able to do complete 10 sets of 10 reps, you would increase the weight by 2. German Volume Training has a reputation for adding rapid size to new lifters. Refrain from using forced reps, negatives or burns. You perform three workouts over five days and repeat that cycle six times, making for a day program. Bulgarian split squats, or any type of single limbed work, is also less than optimal for GVT just because of the sheer number of sets involved.

So include exercise that recruit maximum muscle mass while training. This is a sample routine based on a 5-day cycle. It’s brutally hard, but I’ve found it to be an effective way to pack on muscle fast! The elbow comes out to the side, as if you were elbowing someone in the chops. And he would argue that the crust ruins it, and that it should instead be made into a loaf, or a mousse, or whatever. As supplementary work to the already stimulated muscle groups biceps and triceps 3 sets of reps can also be performed.


Then I reduce the weight 4-to-5 percent and increase the rep bracket to its original starting point. He published an article on the late Muscle Media bodybuilding journal and renamed the 10 sets method to German Volume Training. GVT is a high volume workout program. GVT program was made famous by the coach Charles Poliquin in Expect to have some deep muscle soreness without having to resort to intensity techniques.

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GVT can be adapted for the advanced lifter. The principle idea of German Volume Training is to complete ten sets of ten reps with the same weight for each exercise. Poliqquin Training View all. You may have simply stopped being able to add more load to sets, or perhaps you did not gained any muscle mass in quite some time. For the advanced trainee, variety in training is even more important to elicit adaptation. It is very essential for creating an trining in the level of lactate which associated with anabolic hormonal stimulus, that will create physiological adaptation that is muscle hypertrophy.

Beverley Francis broke the Australian shot put record The volume of the work will take care of the hypertrophy.