A methanol extract of the dried leaves of Chasmanthera dependens was investigated for anti-inflammatory and analgesic activities. The extract ( mg/kg. Chasmanthera dependens. Conservatoire et Jardin botaniques de la Villle de Genève and South African National Biodiversity Institute, Pretoria. Abstract An assessment of the antimicrobial properties of extracts from the stem of Chasmantera dependens, the leaves of Emilia coccinea and the whole plant.

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Methanol extracts of the dried leaves have shown significant analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. The stem is roasted and eaten to treat convulsions in infants[ Title Protabase – Plant Resources of Tropical Africa.

Chasmanthera dependens Images – Useful Tropical Plants

Several of these alkaloids were also extracted from other species and were found to have interesting pharmacological effects. In West Africa Chasmanthera dependens is sometimes cultivated as a medicinal plant, mainly in home gardens. Now containing plants. Get 1 Plant O Boost Free. Chasmanthera dependens is widely used in traditional medicine, but very few pharmacological tests have been done.

Journal of Applied Sciences Volume 9 Saturated solutions of the hexane and ethyl acetate fractions in the corresponding solvents were prepared. A Textbook of Medicinal Plants from Nigeria.

The roots contain berberine, which is reported to control leishmaniasis. It is also often dependrns in home gardens and is sold in local markets[ Title Protabase chasmanhtera Plant Resources of Tropical Africa.

Stem bark chsmanthera from Rauwolfia vomitoria. The butanol fraction from the stem of C.


Preparations of solutions for antimicrobial screening: There are 43 citation in scholarly articles related to Chasmanthera dependens Hochst.

BoxAH Wageningen, Netherlands. The mixture was refrigerated for 72 h with gentle and intermittent shaking and thereafter filtered.

Summer mulch helps retain moisture, keeps dependdns cool and discourages weeds. The hexane fractions of all the plants were not found to possess antimicrobial activity on any of the microorganisms tested. Showing 0 of 0 comments.

West African Plants

The m ethanolic extract of the dried leaves has been reported to exhibit anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects on laboratory animals Morebise et al. Inflorescence a pendulous, axillary raceme or false raceme; male inflorescence a false raceme 10—30 cm long, composed of chasmantjera clusters; female inflorescence a raceme 10—18 cm long; bracts filiform, persistent.

Comments have to be approved before they are shown here. The bark is chewed as a remedy for venereal discharges or as a general tonic for physical or nervous weakness in inflammatory and exhausting diseases.

A decoction of pounded roots mixed with leaves of Tagetes sp. The hexane extract is largely non-polar, the ethyl acetate fraction medium polar while the butanol fraction is polar. New antimicrobials of plant origin. In Uganda the plant is used against dementia, snakebites and epilepsy. Seeds ovoid, 1—2 cm long, curved. Chasmanthera dependens is widespread and common and is not in danger of genetic erosion. The medium plates were labeled and each was uniformly seeded with a test organism using sterile swab rolled in the suspension and streaked on the surface of the plate.


Medicinal plants in tropical West Africa. Traditional medicine and pharmacopoeia: Plant where they will receive a minimum of 5 to 6 hours of full sun per day. The seeds remain dormant for 6 months. The antimicrobial activity of both the ethyl acetate and butanol fractions of the leaf extract of E. Evaluation of the anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of Chasmanthera dependens leaf methanol extract.

Journal of Ethnopharmacology The stem bark may be used fresh or roasted. Typical uses of Chasmanthera dependens Special dependehs There are citation in web searches related to Chasmanthera dependens Hochst. The results lend support to its use in the management of bacterial infections in sores and some eye diseases Odugbemi, ; Ogunlesi et al. Adenipekun for supervising the antimicrobial screening. The hexane layer was evaporated to give lipids and pigments g.

Evaluation of antibacterial properties of Iranian medicinal-plants against Micrococcus luteusSerratia marcescensKlebsiella pneumoniae and Bordetella bronchoseptica.

Good air circulation promotes vigorous and healthy growth and helps control foliar diseases. The ethanol extracts of the plants were more active than the water extracts.

Hence the results show that the leaf extract of E. A popular traditional medicine, depencens plant is often harvested from the wild for local use.

Chasmanthera is closely related to Tinospora and Jateorhiza ; these genera have been combined in chasmanthrea past.

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