We sell used & new Q6 Amp Rack Units by Chevin. Select from the best prices and availability in the world. Chevin Q6, Power Amplifier 4xW/4ohm incl. case and connector panel. The classic Chevin A-Series Q6 power amplifier is built in a steel and aluminium housing incorporating lateral Mosfets and the legendary Chevin Power Supply.

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Chevin Research Q6 Power Amplifier 4 X W – Chevin Research – Brands

If it sounds like a gorilla is trying to escape, turn it down. It is actually printed on the rear panel but isn’t something you would expect or look for. Post by Phil Allison Repost: Facebook Chat Chat Now. None of the capacitors appear blown, and there is nothing obviously burnt out on the pcb.

Check the pcb headers in case you have plugged the front board in one pin out or bent one. When I got this amp over a year ago the pot for channel d was broken physically, the stalk was snapped. Twitter News Check out our latest tweets on Twitter. Maybe the car as run out of coal and needs charging up. Keep pushing on, things are gonna get better. This page was generated in 0.

Have you checked your soldering? I wouldn’t say the wiring is odd, it’s fairly logical but if you’re not used to using the other two pins on a Speakon it could be confusing. A fax message was sent to Chevin in England about the propensity to failure under test and spiking distortion in usage. We have many years experience of sound system installations in chdvin, pubs, leisure centres, temples, churches and schools Call us now for more cnevin Then you want to clear the shorts by removing said transistors and bring the psu up slowly monitoring current.


If ive got the right amp in my head 4ch light weight you need test the transistors for shorts this is most likely the fault. When you can power the unit up with out outputs removed scope the input to the gate drive to see if the controller is still running. The Music Gear Direct Club offers some excellent benefits and exclusive offers to all musicians and live performers To bridge or not to bridge? Phil Allison Once the psu is running again you want to make sure the output sections are also not shorted as this could be the reason the power supply failed.

As if that is not bad enough, it then takes 3 hours work to replace just one mosfet. It’s easy to do.


I suggest you take it to a “Repairman” see whats wrong with it. If the fuse has blown then chdvin well back if you’re tempted to change it if you value your fringe. Join our MGD club to get some great extra benefits. These amps are a seriously flawed product – I strongly suggest you keep away. Post by Phil Allison The Chevin Q6 failed a basic bench test that all decent amps pass asily – then blew itself up due to having a pathetic power supply design. Edwards Electronics Engineers North Staffordshire.

Parts from somewhere that sells them!!! You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Post by ted Post by Phil Allison Repost: The only filtering on the output of the PSU is provided by 6.


Too much current you still have a short. Guess how Phil know all this??

Chevin Research Q6 Power Amplifier 4 X 600W

This page was generated in 0. Post by hank alrich Post by Phil Allison That makes it a chsvin flawed product especially when you take its price tag into account. Is it plugged in at the wall? Its unlikely that fitting the wrong value pot would damage the amp, so check all your soldering again, hcevin also if you had to take ribbon cables or wires out to get to the pot, check those too.

I took it apart again and stuck back in the old pot, but the problem persists. This means severe current limiting into a chvin AND also any reactive load.

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I need a Chevin Q6 amp schematic !!!

Opening Times Monday to Friday 9. Ok here is a bit of advice. Now the question remains: I dunno what Colour is it???