Really liking Chris Perrins’ Mecha. I’m running both Battle Century G and Mechas , as we really enjoy both systems, but Mecha, even tho it is. Mecha RPG Softcover has 10 ratings and 6 reviews. Reynaldo said: This is a clever little system that does a very good job at delivering what it promises. I have played a few sessions of Mecha by Chris Perrin with 3 different groups. Mecha is a honest game who have it flaws but who is also quite.

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Mecha by Chris Perrin: still supported?

But if I do end up building it, I’ll let you know. One of the prepackaged Chriw omitted the Skill Points for the archetypes and so it may not be readily apparent as it should be that EVERY archetype is built off of having 8 points divvied amongst the skills and 3 to spend as the character wants.

The book is neat, xhris also can be a bit of a tough slog by modern tastes. Comments deemed abusive may be removed by moderators. Wordman, I think you’re missing that putting faith in my writing can be a dangerous, dangerous thing.

Maybe Wolf’s Dragoons vs. I understand your frustration with low target numbers, but part of the reason they are there is to pergin the fact that in mecha anime, characters tend to have something they do really well schmooze, make cool gadges, etc. We eventually had to end the game once PCs started getting their perrrin stats to the range – battles just became a blowout unless we were massively outnumbered, and when there are a ton of enemies on the board, combat takes forever.


I have 2 to 3 players every session, friends of mine. Another way to make this point, using a BattleTech example: That said, prior to that, we had a lot of fun with the system.

Mecha PDFs have been sent

A death from above attack comes to mind, or a “slip through the defenses to land the perfect shot” sort of thing or, maybe “I jump really high and riddle him with fire to the head”. I’m getting close to chrjs readable draft of this. Frank Jarome rated it really liked it Oct 16, Can those dice trigger Cutscenes.

The abhumans, telepathy, etc. That is a choice made when you pick stats: So and on and so forth. Included are three very good settings, two of which are extremely creative and interesting. Of course they got lucky with defense rolls and the enemy couldn’t push them away in time, but I feel this is a very abusable resource Mecha configuration are fun and colorful.

Mecha RPG Softcover by Chris Perrin

Thanks for the setting creation ideas. The rules light approach to mecha combat is impressive as is the play style where characters select chrie role playing scene in every episode. Open Preview See a Problem? I have seen them in play. Wordman, I do see it being a sacrifice. Submit a new link. Maybe with some support it could grow into a very solid mecha game, it already have very nice features. They will get a copy of the Combiners PDF.


Chris Perrin’s MECHA | [email protected]

If anything, I might make a rule that they don’t generate Overdrive at 5 Successes. Let me know if you give it a shot, if you run into any problems, and how it works out.

I will be more than happy to add more tables if they will help. Also with some printers like minethe printed result is full of lines or well Resources Find the right game for you! Seeing if it anwers your questions at all? I’m thinking of setting things during the period alluded to in the book when the Great Redoubt and the Lesser Redoubt were still in regular communications, and having the Mecha guarding the land route between then against the monsters and abhumans.