Christopher Charles Benninger. K likes. Born and brought up in America in an Academic and Artist family, Prof. Christopher Benninger is one of India’s. Christopher Charles Benninger Architects is a place of excellence in design. The team headed by Christopher Benninger has always functioned as a studio. Christopher Charles Benninger Architects ••• Samundra Institute of Maritime Studies / Christopher Charles Benninger Architects. –

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In recognition of his contributions to the architectural and planning professions in India, Christopher Charles Benninger has been honoured as the first recipient of the RED Recognition of Excellence in Design Award By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

In —79, using bennninger from the Housing and Urban Development Corporation HUDCOhe built a township for low income households at Yusafguda, in Hyderabad with over two thousand houses, public amenities and shopping centres.

Benninger’s work charled urban design, city management and town planning resulted in his Principles of Intelligent Urbanismwhich guided his planning of the new capital of Bhutan.

It is the first Indian architectural book to appear as an e-book edition on Kindle, and is sold worldwide by Bwnninger through the American publishers Createspace. One must travel on real roads to discover new realities!

There are twenty five professional architects, urban designers, urban planners, landscape architects, interior designers and engineers working in the two studios at Pune in Christophrr India and at Thimphu, Bhutan. In April Professor Benninger was awarded the Architect for the Decade Award his contribution to the profession of architecture over that period.

Prof Christopher Charles Benninger, CCBA

Teachers like Jose Luis Sert overpowered me with their concepts and their exciting visions opened insights into my own possible future. We use cookies on our website. One must see real buildings and structures and to read of their history, the conditions of the people who created them, and the societal needs and forces that generated them.


I learned that books were the vehicles in which one could benniinger seeking discovery, and as a boy I voraciously began to collect books on topics that fascinated me and intrigued me, discovering real gurus under whom I could study and learn. Instead in being, we have only learned to seem and to pretend; to live in imaginary boxes created by others, instead of creating more and more new images to explore. As a young man, I sought refuge from the chaos and the ugliness around me that showcased itself in the form of branded fast food eateries, bland multi-storied apartment buildings and boring malls.

But, at some point a moment of self-realization struck me and I realized that life is not always seeking pure truth. My advice to young creative people is to generate ideas and concepts from within your own imaginative minds, and to amplify these original ideas out; rather than become sleeping creatures full of ideas pushed into your mind from the banal outside!

The Kochi Refineries Headquarters Building won the award as one of India’s two best office buildings insponsored by the Indian Architect and Builder “awards for working spaces”. In this model of thought and conduct there were not grey areas, there was only black and white! This approach brought sanitation, potable water, electricity, storm drains, paved lanes with street lighting and community services to millions of low income citizens of Kolkata. While in Ahmedabad he innovated the concept of Cgristopher and Servicesan approach to housing benjinger access to shelter via developed small plots, allowing poor families to construct their own homes, according to their means.

Overview Projects Followers Offices. I came to India in studying shelter typologies, amazed to see how people christophsr in slums, chawls, and small apartments carved from old buildings.

That path led me into the world of visionaries through the median of books. Christopher Charles Benninger Architects is a place of excellence in design.


The studio in Bhutan has completed Tshechu Ground, a major benninged plaza and pavilion for the annual National Buddhist festival and the coronation site for the Fifth King;and the Supreme Court of Bhutan; and the first four of the ten Secretariat Ministries that will form the National Charle Complex are under construction.

More and more media injected completed images into our minds killing our imaginations. This page was last bennunger on 15 Augustat Benninger guided the planners of the Katenga Regional Development Authority in their design of the new economic region in Terengganu, an emerging region in the North-eastern region of Malaysia.

With the advent of institutional housing finance in India he created a unique neighborhood of small ground level houses for about five hundred households in JamnagarGujarat. Retrieved from ” https: He has prepared development plans for GelephuSamtse and Damphu and planned the new town of Denchi in Bhutan.

Christopher Charles Benninger Architects | Archello

CCBA offers comprehensive architectural services from design through supervision. By Christopher Charles Benninger Architects. Want to see more like this?

Christopher Charles Benninger Architects. The specific problem is: In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The team headed christopherr Christopher Benninger has always functioned as a studio, only taking up projects involving study, analysis and exploration of visual, spatial, formal, social and technological ideas and concepts related to architecture, urbanism and human settlements.

Mayby Adminin Interviews. Over several years he was recognised as one of the top ten architects in India by Construction World Magazine.

Contact Brand Contact Follow I could see how socio-economic systems, technologies and politics forged physical chaarles and how the creators of these structures seamlessly worked within these frameworks. Related News The Builder Extraordinaire. Subscribe to Archello’s newsletter. Our imaginations began to atrophy, sleep and die.