The book ‘Minna No Nihongo (Intermediate Bk I Chuukyuu, Book 1)’ was ordered from Amazon and delivered fast and in good condition. It suits very well for. Tobira: Gateway to Advanced – Chuukyuu Nihongo o oshieru kyoushi no tebiki = Teaching intermediate Japanese teacher’s guide BOOK [Japanese] [author] on. Title Slide of Kathe Camargo · Minna no Nihongo Shokyuu 1 – Mondai Script. Artur Filipe Segumdo.

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Struggling with my Minna no Nihongo Chuukyuu II

I can understand easily most of easy everyday japanese like Love Live without subs or some not-very complicated japanese as in some japanese TV-games I saw on Youtube.

I used to read a lot because I like book and stuff, so the reading part seems a little bit too easy. I’m sure I should really work on that listening part.

But I really don’t like these audio tracks, and when I’m struggling at the 3rd listening to understand the main point I’m really really frustrated. As for switching books, I think it’s fine.


I’m not a really big fan of flashcards as I memorise things far better in context. Hope I was clear.

If you have some good podcasts, drama, methods, or any advice for my listening problem that is not “anime japanese” that is less boring that the Minna stuff, I will be very glad to look at it.

You can also follow along with the JOI Teacher’s blogs, http: I never used them, but I heard the lessons are useful too. I was wondering if switching of method of learning could be a solution.

But so far I’m not cguukyuu happy with chuukyiu Is it “safe” to switch of book in the middle of it? I used to study with the Minna no Nihongo Chuukyuu I last year, so I took the second one to finish the serie.

But maybe they are a little bit too text chukuyuu For the reading part I can read without much trouble simple books Like nihonggo Ojamajo Doremi LN or a book where someone tells his everyday life in travel for exampleI think I know how to recognize aboutkanjis.

But the listening part is really difficult for me. Class learners should get at least two perspectives, the book and the teacher So finally here are my questions: Subscribe to this thread View a Printable Version.


Chuukyuu Nihongo Bunpo Youten Seiri Pointo 20 | Sách luyện N3 | Pinterest

If you’re not happy with your book and can afford another, then I’d take a look at the Genki series. As I am still a student but I study Japanese alone in FranceI’m not really familiar with the bussiness thing, and it is really confusing for me to listen japanese in a job context.

I don’t think it is really healthy.

Login Register Login Username: For my level, I’m nearly sure I already have more that I’m roughly between a N3-N2 level with a little advance in kanji. I think as a self-learner using more than one textbook is actually really helpful for getting a different perspective.