Beyond the Moons (Spelljammer / The Cloakmaster Cycle, No. 1) by David Cook (July 1, Into the Void (Spelljammer Book, Cloakmaster Cycle, No. 2) by Nigel. The Spelljammer: The Cloakmaster Cycle book series by multiple authors includes books Beyond the Moons, Into the Void, The Maelstrom’s Eye, and several. Series: The Cloakmaster Cycle Series Record # ; Sub-series of: Spelljammer; Series Tags: fantasy (6). Showing all translations. Never display translations.

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But it did produce a few surprisingly good novels. Though this interpretation is admittedly somewhat dented by the fact that, in true TSR fashion, the instalments were handed out to completely different authors, so book two will have the same characters, the same ongoing plot, but a different writer which may be a good thing…. Then the book ends. You can even see this in the name of the main character: Yeah, this was a strange idea they had.

But overall, to be honest… yeah, no, this is a bad book. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The internet is a wonderful place…]. Chapter followed chapter in a fluent, easy-to-read way, and there were some entertaining set pieces.

Song of Ice and Fire: April 11, at 8: There are torrents and downloads but they either have no seeders or the link is old and dead. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Paperback David Baldacci Books.


Lol I see we found another fan! The great pulp fantasy era of the ckoakmaster s and early s produced some great novels. Paperback David Sedaris Books. Oddly, Maztica completely passed me by.

Spelljammer: The Cloakmaster Cycle Series

Maztica was a decent take on a technologically and magically! Martin Paperback, After all, this is Spelljammer. I liked the Maztica books enough that I went ahead and got the third book.

The inside front- and back-covers show browning from age.

Beyond the Moons (Cloakmaster Cycle vol. 1), by David Cook | Occasional Mumbling

What the book does have is an impressively radical vision of the genre. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: By placing each of those worlds within giant crystal spheres floating in a sea of phlogiston, and then filling that sea with roving alien space-pirates.

Being good is not the point. Skip to main content.

And idiotic thing Number Two: And most publishers would have asked: The Cloakmaster Cycle series self. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

I am loathe to buy a physical copy as I already have boxes of old books and have been trying to transition to ebooks as it is much more convenient! Although, admittedly, only because I happen to own it already. Bloody hell, this was nearly three years ago? It was an exciting explosion of weirdness and diversity in the genre… and it made TSR bankrupt.


Additional Details Series Volume Number. Obviously this subreddit isn’t extremely active, but I thought it might be the best place to make this request.

Spelljammer: The Cloakmaster Cycle Series by David Zeb Cook

And maybe the second Spelljammer novel will actually take place in the Spelljammer setting…. Now, you could make a case for this book not being terrible.

One — minor, sure, but irritating — clowkmaster that a character is casually referred to by the narrator as the Cloakmaster. This is not one of them. And also the neogi. For this, we can blame my circumstances. All we get is a brief glimpse of a ship, a semi-comic-relief giff travelling companion, and some villainous neogi.

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Beyond the Moons (Cloakmaster Cycle vol. 1), by David Cook

I’m still on my quest to find it online, I know the pdf exists, but it’s impossibly obscure. Along with, it must be said, a lot of less interesting books too. The setting itself sounds amazing, even if the story is your usual fantasy fare.