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Response of the elements under load is governed according to recognized strength of material COADE Pipe Stress Analysis Seminar Notes relationships as described in Section 6 ofthese notessubject to certain limiting assumptions.

In order to keep stresses in the pipe and fittings within code allowable levels.

COADE Pipe Stress Analysis Seminar Notes

Other items such as imposed displacements, concentrated loads, etc. Figure The maximum moment in the beam is in the center of the span, and has a value of: A computer model, however, expects a ocade stiffness to be the ratio of the applied moment to the angular notess at the end of an expansion joint that is fixed against translation – i.

A discussion of pressure design of components is included here for the sake of completeness, and is based upon an amalgam of the requirements of various codes. It is not uncommon to see Y only components, or X, Y and Z simultaneous components.

The factors for heavily stiffened bends, such as that shown in Figure Acould he estimated using finite element analysis, or stiffness could he increased by modeling the elbows as COADE Pipe Stress Analysis Seminar Notes flanged, or simply as straight nohes ofpipe with increased stress intensification factors applied. It is evident that pipe changes direction within 23 feet, so the developed length to the next support should be maintained as less than 17 feet4 inches.

The actual installed load case is important if the springs are to be adjusted or checked in the cold condition, or if the spring’s cold load is being set in position, rather than at the factory.


Rigid Support Displacement Criteria – Where feasible, rigid supports are considered preferable to springs supports, for reasons of economy purchase, installation, and mainte- COADE Pipe Stress Analysis Seminar Notes nance and vibration prevention. However, the easiest but less accurateand therefore most common means of analyzing dynamic loads is usually to model them as static meaning that they are constant throughout time loads, with the magnitude increased to reflect the dynamic load amplification.

Expansion joints are constructed out of sheet metal, which, after rolling and welding to for a cylinder, has convolutions also called corrugations formed in it via either hydraulic pressure or rolling.

Based upon the ratio of 0. The stress equations were quite similar throughout the piping codes i. An element such as this is usually modeled as a single, or as a series of elements, each having average parameters.

As noted, piping elements are modeled as stick elements ofconstant cross-section and material properties. In thiscase,itisadvisabletominimize localized loadings by distributing them with pads or saddles, or do plate buckling analysis preferably with finite ocade software when the loads cannot be altered.

Available clearance for hanger. However, it is preferable to locate supports above the center nofes oflong risers in order to prevent toppling. The minimum thickness for a blank is calculated as: I will Probably get flamed for this, but here goes.

This finding originally came out of the research for WRC Design data typically required in order to do pipe stress analysis consists of pipe materials and sizes; operating parameters, such as temperature, pressure, and fluid contents; seminad stress allowables; and loading parameters, such as insulation weight, external equipment movements, and wind and earthquake criteria.

Also see my article in the M.

COADE Pipe Stress Analysis Seminar Notes – Free Download PDF

In this case it is necessary to ignore the “actual” cold load, and in some cases it may be preferable to adjust the springs in the field to carry the cold load once the system has been filled. Separators modeled as pipe Location Figure An angle valve could be modeled as shown in Figure System response and failure criteria are dependent on the type of loadings, which can be classified by various distinctions, such as primary vs.


Forexample,amanufacturermayrequirethat the allowables be divided by a factor based upon the numher of load cycles: Therefore, a compromise must often be reached in order to find the solution to these two types ofloading. A competent expansion joint manufacturer should be able to provide assistance throughout the design stage as required.

Ifthis is not the case, the loads can he estimated by a thorough thermodynamic analysis. As it turns out, the inclusion of the pressure term can be simplified by adding only the longitudinal component of the pressure stress directly to the stress intensity produced by moment loadings only.

Occasionally, the manufacturer provides allowable movements only for axial displacements. The static loading magnitude is considered to be in direct proportion to the element’s weight.

Now supports can be located elsewhere in the system, starting at the nozzle at node point This points to an important rule of design – if supports are placed as near as possible to concentrated loads, the effect ofthese loads from a stress point ofview may be neglected. The next run ofpipe accommodates a full 23 foot run, so two supports can be located between node points 30 and In order to save even the brief time required to calculate LaU, the Manufacturer Standardization Society of the Valve and Fitting Industry has calculated allowable piping spans for various piping configurations, and published them in their standard MSS SP Figure