Consult Roche’s entire cobas c analyzer catalogue on MedicalExpo. Page: 1 / The cobas c , a new low volume bench-top analyzer from Roche Diagnostics (Indianapolis, IN), was evaluated to determine whether the. Roche Cobas c – Chemistry Analyzer Information.

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In anticipation of multiple cobas c placements throughout the LabCorp cc111, an inter-instrument comparison between 2 systems was performed. A method for the gross analysis of global protein acylation by gas-liquid chromatography.

Cobas C Test Menu. Inquire Here Reagent Capacity: Como rocue para solucionar? The cobas c is a bench-top system with a small footprint suitable for low volume laboratories cobaw limited floor space. Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. Inter-instrument recovery passed for all analytes data not shown. Functional and structural characterization of a novel catechol-O-methyltransferase from Schizosaccharomyces pombe.

Inquire Here Auto Dilution: Inquire Here On-Board Refrigeration: Inquire Here Optical System: Andrea Rose from Roche Diagnostics. This allows standardization of results across the LabCorp network or any other vertically integrated health care system that also selects the larger Roche platforms in their core laboratories.

Prices and Information shown are for reference only and may change without notice.

Inquire Here for a complete list! Weekly maintenance takes about 15 minutes, and there are system-generated prompts for all maintenance interval requirements. Regulatory role of vitamin E in the immune system and inflammation.


Additionally the performance of the cobas c was evaluated using sigma metrics. Sigma values of 6 or greater are classified as world class and suggest the opportunity to use single rule QC with wide control limits. Both CA and CL cobaa the effects of correlation data generated from specimens from a narrow distribution of values relatively to the expected 0 intercept.


The analytical performance, compact size, intuitive operation along with the expected low maintenance and reliability make the cobas c a good fit for the intended small laboratory niche environment at LabCorp. Inquire Here Sample Cycle Time: Inquire Here Water Consumption: Table 5 shows the cobas c is very close to complete world-class performance.

Interference from bilirubin, lipids, or hemolysis was not evaluated as part of this study. Improving Urine Sediment Analysis. Inquire Here Assay Methodology: They are available as a liquid; 5—6 bottle sets from Maine Rocue. Additionally correlation studies, using patient serum samples, were used to determine inter-instrument comparability between 2 cobas c instruments and accuracy relative to the standardized assays at LabCorp.

The DBIL slope of 0. Cobas C Press Release.

Close mobile search navigation Article navigation. If the cobas c is linked to a host system, results that are not flagged can be automatically accepted, and data can be downloaded to a USB stick or the laboratory information system. Both cobas c systems were additionally challenged for potential carryover using the analytes glucose GLU and potassium K.

The calculations roceh performed using James O. Inquire Here Maintenance Free Electrodes: This translates to 60 non-ISE tests that can be completed before the instrument must be placed in standby to replace disposable cuvettes. The objective is to provide consistent patient results with the cboas reference ranges throughout the network regardless of the point of service. Inquire Here Test Method: The cobas c analyzer is a tabletop system designed to set the next gold standard in automated clinical chemistry testing for small laboratories.


Home Products Analyzers Services Parts Resources About Us The names and logos of manufacturers, their instruments, and their products referred to herein may be protected by trademark or other law, and are used herein solely for purpose of reference. Multicenter performance evaluation of the cobas c analyzer at three physician office laboratories. We thank Daniel Whisenhunt for performing the technical and laboratory part of this study.

Cobas c – Roche – Chemistry Analyzer

From standby mode to results for the first, test, comprehensive metabolic panel was 20 minutes, with subsequent profiles rodhe in 10 to 11 minutes each. Cobas C Specifications.

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Each level was analyzed in triplicate, and the mean value was compared to the expected value using regression analyses.