Overview / The Component-and-Connector Viewtype from Documenting Software Architectures(c) Views and Beyond. Relation to Other Viewtypes / The Component-and-Connector Viewtype from Documenting Software Architectures(c) Views and Beyond. the architectural artifacts and the rest of the model. Keywords: software architecture, component-and-connector viewtype, software documentation, UML Lic.

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Software Architectures and Documentation P. But other problems are more specifically related to the use of fomponent and connectors to portray a system’s execution structure. In the example, we have Main and Config. Although not illustrated in this example, the same viewtypw module might be mapped to several execution components: We discuss sixpipe-and-filter, shared-data, publish-subscribe, client-server, peer-to-peer, and communicating-processesthat apply to a wide variety of systems and provide enough semantic richness to illustrate documentation principles.

Click here to componebt out more. Uses of Architecture Documentation P. The Process of Software Architecting. Finally, a component allows an administrator to access, and presumably maintain, the shared-data store. Seven Rules for Sound Documentation P. Just Enough Software Architecture: Viewtypes and Styles P. Software Architectures and Documentation P.

A bird’s-eyeview of a system as it might appear during runtime.

Relation to Other Viewtypes | The Component-and-Connector Viewtype

Each of ckmponent components is a filter that transforms character streams. Implementation of this connecter will probably involve runtime mechanisms that detect when a server has gone down, queue client requests, handle attachment and detachment of clients, and so on.


The publish-subscribe connector supports asynchronous event announcement and notification. Software Architecture in Practice 2nd Edition.

Finally, even in these types of cases, virwtype correspondences are worth noting. What is this diagram, backed up by its supporting documentation, attempting to convey? A main module is used to start things off, invoking the facilities of four modulesTo-upper, To-lower, Split, and Mergethat do the main work.

What is Lean Six Sigma. Such supporting documentation should explain how Account ServerBackup provides reliability for the total system. The Definitive Guide Definitive Guides.

Additionally, component-and-connector models include as elements the pathways of interaction, such as communication links and protocols, information flows, and access to shared storage. For Further Reading Part I. We learn from coonnector supporting documentation that the purpose of the two servers is to enhance reliability: The Role of Architecture P.

Identifying and Managing Project Risk: This variant of the client-server style supports transparent failover to a backup server. Conversely, the pipe connector does not appear in vkewtype module view, although one might argue that it is most closely associated with the module Stdio. These interactions may represent complex forms of communication.

In the example, this is the module Stdio. If you may any questions please contact us: For example, anf component may be a server in a client-server system.


Relation to Other Viewtypes

In particular, there is a natural relationship between the componentsSplit, To-upper, To-lower, and Mergeand the modules that carry out the bulk of the computation. Click here to find out more. The Process of Software Architecting. For example, a ocnnector between a client component and a server component might represent a complex protocol of communication, supported by sophisticated runtime infrastructure.

Uses of Architecture Documentation P. The documentation accompanying the figure elaborates on the elements shown. This module determines how inputs from one are fed to others, using a configuration module, Config.

Overview | The Component-and-Connector Viewtype

The client-server connector allows a set of concurrent clients to retrieve data synchronously via service requests. These modules can be more easily seen by factoring ckmponent modules that are associated with setup and modules that implement communication infrastructure. A set of client tellers can interact with the account repository servers, embodying a client-server style.

The Role of Architecture P.

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