Conjured. a young adult novel by Sarah Beth Durst available now from Bloomsbury / Walker Books for Young Readers · Read the first chapter. Eve has a new. Title: Conjured. Author: Sarah Beth Durst. Genre: Horror, Fantasy, Young Adult. Publisher: Walker Childrens Publication Date: September 3rd. One. She can’t remember who she is – but she has someone else’s face and name. Two. She is the only survivor of a notorious serial killer – who will never sto .

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But none of the hundred books I have read after this can I remember with the stark imagery that I do Conjured. For myself, Saraah would’ve preferred the story move a bit faster but that is my opinion.

I was impressed by some of the creeptastic detail and really wished dugst of that had been incorporated earlier in the story. Sometimes I think I do, sometimes I think I don’t. Perhaps to create conflict or an alternative love interest I’m assuming.

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Want to Read Currently Reading Read. What the hell kind of person talks like that? Eve interacts with so few people outside of her WitSec circle that the aspects of what I wanted to read about was nonexistent. I enjoy a good book of extraordinary imagination. And, why is she able to make birds fly out of wallpaper?

When she does use her strange powers, she blacks out and is drawn into terrifying visions, returning to find that days or weeks have passed — and she’s lost all short-term memories. Lackluster characters, lack of character development, and a slow moving plot were all negatives for me, though I did think Durst has a beautiful writing style and her descriptions were very well done, especially of Eve’s scrambled visions.


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Beautiful and horrible worlds and magics collide. I could not stop reading! Eve’s a doll come to life, imbued with the magic of the serial killer victims? Overall, Actual rating – 2.

Also available as an audiobook: She knows that she can’t remember and has to be taught the basics of everyday functions; objects, places and people. However, as the book wears on and we see the choices Zach makes, I felt that if he didn’t have feelings for her, he would not have made those decisions or put himself on the line for her safety.

Who are the Magician and the Storyteller? Is this feature helpful? The figments she begins to remember are incredibly poetic, I absolutely adored the deliciously dark carnival setting, but sadly the glimpses we see throughout the storyline were too few and far between.

Conjursd she was in the room after the trial and before the sentencing, she realized that Zach was right about who she had become and that it …more She did.

The POV changes were strange.

It’s just all around bizarre. Malcolm seems nice enough, but Nicki speaks to Eve with a sneering, sinister tone. They were not developed enough and what we did see of them wasn’t anything to write home about. This plot is more then a typical story about a girl named Eve who has no memories.

I even loved when everything tipped over from a familiar world and into a very dark, alien place featuring a nightmarish carnival setting.

And if you can’t be safe Thank you for your feedback.

Sarah Beth Durst

On the other hand, Zach turn out to berh a nice boy, who never lies there are Reasons and who is completely loyal to Eve. Eve has retrograde amnesia and is in the midst of relearning basic everyday tasks.


He does not want his superiors pushing her to remember and access her past memories. I loved how everything unfolded. I found I couldn’t connect with any of the characters and I found them to be quite dull and lackluster. How can this ever become happily ever after?

Twisted and tormented by the horrific and strange visions that don’t make any real sense, but it’s the only thing real that she has. I’m a pretty imaginative person, so I usually see when I read, if that makes sense I’ve heard that it doesn’t work that way for everyone, but I know some of you will know what I mean. Refresh and try again. Is this all making sense? Closing her eyes, she tried to summon up a memory of a library.

I loved Eve and Zach’s connection. The complexity of this story was at times overpowering in a good way and I felt heavy with so many feelings and emotions this story brought on. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. It’s the cat dandruff, caught in the fur. Lovers of magic realism will enjoy this one.

Eve’s visions help the marshals track down the killer. He meets Eve and tells her he wants to kiss her and see if her lips taste like strawberries.

Sarah Beth Durst is incredibly talented. She also loses time and has problems with her short term memory. The premise of the Witness Protection Program was nonexistent; the danger was not made evident enough for me to feel there was a purpose for its inclusion in the book as a selling point.