Camera manuals and free digital camera pdf instructions. Find the user manual you need for your camera and more at Contax T3 Film Camera User Manual. Bass. INTAY. Instruction manual • Bedienungsanleitung Contax T3 has been designed according to the basic The Contax T3 is a 35mm lens-shutter. Free instruction manuals and owners manuals in pdf for your products Film cameras Contax-T3.

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Not to mention the fact that actually, the focal length is wrong with all of those. The Contax T3 is a camera I thought about buying many times before I put my money down.

Contax T3 Instruction Manual

Reply Patricia August 9, at 2: Whilst on the subject of the AF-L button, using custom function 5 it is possible to set it to lock both auto exposure and auto focus. What these numbers mean really is as follows. If you would like to read more about the T3, you can find my thoughts […]. Reply Henry August 18, at 9: Reply Barry Reid October 22, at 7: This innstruction seems to be the consensus anyway.

These are the self timer and manual shutter speed selection.

The constantly updating exposure information in the viewfinder is much more akin to a bigger camera. So perfect that my GR1s and Insrtuction are collecting dusts on my shelf. Fortunately, returning to autofocus is as simple as tapping the AFL button. If you want to underexpose a film by intsruction, yes you need to set the meter For my tastes, for any camera to be an ideal carry everywhere camera, the ability to separate the point at which the camera is focused and that which it meters from is quite important.


This means the process is a little slower than it could be if it were instrucgion a thumb on the back. That said, the build quality definitely feels nicer than the Ricoh.

Conrax is also the cinema, a place not traditionally considered a hot spot for film photography outings, not to mention the fact that it was dark outside. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The IQ is just astonishing, when I look at some of my well-exposed, perfectly focused photos, scanned with a Nikon Coolscan at full resolution, sometimes I get the feeling that they are, well, too perfect. Access to exposure compensation is through the menu button.

I think perhaps the Minolta TC-1 has spoiled me somewhat in this regard; its mode wheel and forefinger driven mode ,anual selector just seems so logical and quick to use.

Loads of lens contrast. It is definitely my choice for a carry everywhere camera.

The self timer can also be set between 2 and 10 second modes. Having an aperture priority mode is as welcome as it is on any other advanced compact, but it too is a touch of a fiddle to access. However the custom functions of the T3 like on my G2 I cojtax to own comtax the level of customisability that takes it to a step above with the control over the exposure and flash etc.

Great timing with the review also as my T3 turned up yesterday in the mail. After some deliberation I decided to sell it and move to the Contax T3. All is not lost though…. This catches me out every single time. But when it comes to these advanced compacts, with the warranty he gives, other options for a considered purchase are few and far between.

CF3a will mean exposure compensation is instriction for one shot, 3b will retain exposure compensation until the camera is turned off, 3c retains the settings permanently until they are changed again manually. The Contax T3 deals with this frustration by halving the minimum focusing distance to 35cm, which really is quite an improvement.


Reply Contax T2 – Just a device?

user manual for contax t3 | Photography Forums

The shortfall of the Contax by comparison is that the AF-L button is on the top of the camera and has to be pressed and held for a second to use it. Reply Jason June 18, at As such, if you want one, I definitely recommend you give him a shout!

Reply Cody Priebe August 30, at 9: They both function at the thing I need them to function at for extended periods of time, every day. Reply The Contax T2, it’s chunky, but it’s good! One of my favourite features of the Contax T2 was the light meter. You Might Also Like. But this might be outweighed by the benefit of the camera feeling quieter to use. It does though — in nearly the same way as the T2 — feel solid. And ultimately for snaps it makes little or no difference when the lens moves, it still has to move and that still takes time.

user manual for contax t3

So if you want to choose exposure independently of focus, you can lock focus on the subject by holding the AF-L button for a manuzl seconds whilst pointing at said subject. As you might have guessed, I have mine set to lock permanently. CF5a sets it to just lock focus, 5b sets it to lock both.