COOLPIX S from Nikon. Product Support Product Manual. COOLPIX S Photo of COOLPIX Cherry Blossom option for COOLPIX S Cool Blue. View and Download Nikon COOLPIX S user manual online. Nortel Networks Digital Camera User Manual. COOLPIX S Digital Camera pdf manual. View and Download NIKON COOLPIX S user manual online. COOLPIX S Digital Camera pdf manual download.

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Nikon Coolpix S User Manual | pages

Page Selecting Multiple Pictures The screen shown at right will be displayed in the Protect menus shown below when choosing pictures. Playing Voice Recordings Playing Voice Recordings Press r to display the favorite menu, use the multi selector to choose E, and press k.

Macro Mode Macro mode i sused for t aking pictures ofobjects as: Page 85 Electronic Enableor disableelectronic VRfor movie recording. Press p macro mode.


Pressthe shutter-release button halfway. Auto Mode Basic Photography and Playback: The filename will be added to the favorites folder. Crop Creating a Cropped Copy: Use it to track the growth of a child or count down the days until a birthday or wedding.

Selecting Multiple Pictures The screen shown at right will be displayed in the Protect menus shown below when choosing pictures. Page 13 d Shooting, Playback and Setup Menus E Voice Recordings Voice Recordings Making Voice Recordings Audio voice recordings can be recorded over the built-in microphone and played back over the built-in speaker.


B White Balance The color of light reflected from an object varies with the color of the light source. Troubleshooting Shooting Problem No picture taken when shutter- release button is pressed.

Automatic Shooting Coolpxi For The Scene scene Auto Selector Mode The camera automatically judges the type of subject scene mode when frame tile picture so that you can more manuwl take a picture suited for tile scene. Exposure Compensation Exposure compensation isused toalter exposure from the value s uggested by the camera tomake pictures brighter ordarker. If the memory card will be used with a card reader or similar device, check that the device supports SDHC.

Page Problem Monitor turns off, and the power-on lamp and flash lamp blink rapidly Electronically Controlled Doolpix In extremely rare instances, unusual characters may appear in the monitor and the camera may stop functioning.

Page Slide Show Play back pictures, stored in tile internal memory or on a memory card, one by one in an coo,pix “slide show”. Date Imprint f Date Imprint Date and time are imprinted on pictures. Press k when shooting is completed.

NIKON COOLPIX S560 User Manual

Flash does not fire. With maximum optical zoom applied, the range is 0. Choose Time-lapse movieP and press k.

Page – Cooppix Options: Connect the camera to the printer using the supplied USB cable. When memory card is inserted, C is not displayed and pictures will be recorded to memory card.

Table of Contents For Your Safety List by Date Menus Press MENU in list by date mode to ctisplay tile following menus for only tile pictures taken on the specified date. The [] Playbacb Button S Change the date and time. Turn vibration reduction off when using a tripod to stabilize the camera during shooting.


Coopix the multi selector Problem Image mode not available. Step 3 Focus And Shoot Pressthe shutter-release button halfway.

Before shooting, choose an image mode Menus Choose how menus are displayed. Playback Date of recording Page 6 When connecting cables to the input Should the monitor break,: Menus []ii5 Choose how menus are displayed. The Setup Menu Press K. Press W [] in full-frame playback to frame playback Playback Zoom Pressing g i during full-frame playback mode A 26 zooms the current picture, with the center of the s50 displayed on the monitor.

Macro Mode Macro mode is used for taking pictures of objects as close as 10 cm 3. Enhancing Brightness And Contrast: Stored dates Up mankal three dates can be stored. Formatting the Internal Memory To format tile internal memory, remove memory Format memory card from camera. When shooting non-human subjects or when no faces are recognized: Turn w560 the camera. Enhancing Brightness and Contrast: Camera automatically selects the focus area one of nine containing the subject closest to the camera.