The SkyRidge™ transforms ambient lighting by perfectly blending a refined modern styling with our breakthrough WaveStream™ LED. The SkyRidge™ transforms ambient lighting by perfectly blending a .. Fifth Light solutions from Cooper Controls at SkyRidge is offered as either a 2′ by 2′ or a 2′ by 4′ troffer with precision-formed optics, including an optical-grade acrylic lens that uses the company’s.

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Rollover each icon to see what each tool does. Right below the product image you’ll find all the social media links. Share your palette via Facebook or Twitter by clicking on one these social media icons on the right side of your palette.

Some manufacturers may not have physical samples, or need to contact you to get further information in order to complete the sample request. Simply click on one to download it to your desktop. Eaton is a power management company providing energy-efficient solutions that help our customers effectively manage electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power. Remember to always save your palette before leaving it.

Cooper Lighting Metalux Skyridge 24SR LED 24SR-LD1-39-C-UNV-L840-CD1-U

Once you find a product you like, you can drag it from this tab to your palette. Click on any filter such as “Price” and skyrivge filter options will appear. All palettes are by default made public and viewable and made available for copy in the Community Palettes section of the site.

Currently, the image is a low-res image. If you would like to keep your palette private be skyrixge to select the “Keep Private” option when creating a palette.

Recessed Linear Lighting – SkyRidge LED Series

Thank you for your interest in ProMatSolutions. Simply select a Product Category to view all matches for that category.

Here you can store and access your favorite products. You’ll see that you can change the quantity, add skryidge new shipping address or use a saved address. You must SAVE your work regularly and before leaving this page.

Cooper SkyRidge LED Series | Leff Electric

Just edit and save! Depending on the amount of images and the size of your images, it could take a bit of time coopee the web editor to load or save your palette. If the editor takes way too skyridve, please let us know. For more information, visit www. You’ll be directed to the palette page and be prompted to fill out your project specs. When making a new palette or editing your palette’s project details there is a little check-box at the end of the form.

Click on any “? This is a very specific searching method that may not return lots and lots of products. Create a FREE account in seconds. On the login screen you can click the “Forgot Password” link.


In the toolbar you can click on the “Actions Box” and then select “Create New”. PaletteApp is a free digital design tool, so sign up and begin creating! Here you can access all products in the ProMatSolutions database. Simply click on the product image and akyridge click on the “Delete Item” icon on the tools to left side of your palette.

SkyRidge Single

If you leave the Pro Material Solutions site for an extended period of time OR your computer goes in sleep mode, you may loose your browser session and any unsaved palettes.

Request sample Add to library Add to palette. Create libraries for, say, leather or carpet products you like. When requesting samples you have the option to add a note to the request after you enter your shipping address and info.

This tab is a shortcut back to the palette that you were last working on. Here you’ll find a page with all your saved palettes. To hide the Product Categories simply click on the name again. Click on the “Download Image” icon on the right side of your palette.