Cordys in 5 StepsMessaging & Positioning Presentation. Task Management Business Process Management Suite (BPMS) Business Process. Cordys Process Factory delivers Business Process Management (BPM) technology in the cloud, bringing it to enterprises of every shape and. The OpenText Cordys BPM engine enables organizations to tackle their most pressing and complex process automation and case management challenges from.

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In order to prevent stepping in these pitfalls Cordys has deliberately chosen for thtorial alternative approach. Besides that it is possible to specify if the object should be persisted by Cordys. Unzip the VM environment 3. Where to begin, how to learn about the features and how to get hands-on experience? I read the Cordys certification site and spoke to two primer Cordys employees who had taken the exam as well.

Note that this may even be a just an start and end activity, and just a single Case Model tuorial.

After more than an hour we finished discussing all exercises and the interview was over. Does this all sound too much as a sales pitch? This should allow for easier, safer and better controlled deployments. The strongest marketing tool of BOP4 is the product itself. Especially extension of the event- and signaling mechanisms, and the addition of compensation constructs would be valuable features! A number of enhancements in BOP4. Separate WebServices are required.

BPM and Cordys BOP4

After submitting the certification site stated that it would maximally take 3 weeks before I would hear whether I would be conducted to an interview. And they should, as Cordys claims: Geplaatst door Harald van der Weel op 5: The value of the future certificate would be a lot higher because this higher threshold! This code sends a request with the specified input parameters to the business process model, and the business process model is started. The certification site presented me with 6 practical exercises to solve.


It is a 5 days program and extends up to 8hrs each. The good thing was that the windy road through the BOP4 documentation provided me with a number new insights.

This can be arranged instantly through any of the tktorial above. Configure the integration with an external identity provider to enable single sign-on through a common and shared identity provider.

The stack completely web service based, just like the custom applications developed upon it. I had entered the world of Certified Cordys consultants!

Apart from the integration issues of all these components another issue was introduced: Additional UML class diagram-like modeling would greatly support the process of defining and communicating the business object model in a graphical way. This option can be compared to the traditional application development approach. Geplaatst door Harald van der Weel op 2: To use the data provided in the fields, a model must be attached to the XForm.

The exam tool allowed to mark questions to review them later provided there is still time left! That implies that the same approach is used to setup the BOP4 environment itself: Not long after that I received a formal confirmation mail as well. Multi language support BOP4 offered very limited language support.

BPM and Cordys BOP4

If that option is selected the instances of the Object Template will be stored inside the CoBOC database the database used to store hpm about the BPM instances. Good news in an overcrowded country like the Netherlands, where distances are short, but travel times sometimes long! A business process model can be designed for a particular type of customer or market.


For a third time I was kindly requested to wait for a verdict. A Business Process Tuttorial is an executable model that comprises a set of activities or processes designed to produce a specific output. Ok, we have been waiting for it for quite some time now I had passed the theoretical part of the exam!

As I was confident about my knowledge and experience I decided to subscribe for certification, even before knowing the exact procedure. Crdys Cordys claims the BOP4 product itself is the most valuable marketing instrument I have great expectations and I hope that a late Santa will generously fill my sock!

During this class, you will cover all aspects of how to manage the OTPS environment on a day to day basis from exploring the System organisation to deploying applications or executing web service operations.

Other enhancements and improvements: More productive because of less required steps and objects. Can’t this Case behaviour be accomplished in BPM?

OpenText Process Suite Training – convedo

Not just the conventional classroom courses: Case Modelling is intended for processes or activities that in general may not be squeezed into a rigid flow. Hence it may be possible to model similar functionality in BPM, but only with additional effort. It seems little investment to allow documents to be attached to BPM Instances as well. Good course material and structured modules in each course. More control on data Separate database, custimizable WS services for data access.