Gayl Jones’s seminal novel Corregidora tackles the often ignored topic of the sexual abuse of enslaved women by their white owners. The novel centers. Here is Gayl Jones’s classic novel, the tale of blues singer Ursa, consumed by her hatred of the nineteenth-century slave master who fathered both her. short, first novel by Gayl Jones. They agreed that she writes with strength and grace, that she knows her heroine, Ursa Corregidora, from the inside out, that she .

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She sees in her interactions with abusive men a continuation of the patterns her forebears experienced.

CORREGIDORA by Gayl Jones | Kirkus Reviews

Her protagonist Ursa Corregidora is as complex as they come and Jones unflinchingly takes the reader through the good and ugly of her life. Jones’s first novel, Corregidoraanticipated the wave of novels exploring the connections between slavery and the African-American present. The Mayor of Casterbridge. In the meantime, the men in her life treat her body as property, not much different from a slave owner Tadpole uses Ursa to sing at his establishment to attract clients, Mutt is correggidora jealous and possessive over Nones body.

It remains an indispensable point of entry into the tradition of African American writing that Gayl Jones reshaped and enriched. But you got to make generations, you go on making them anyway.


They simply have to go. If you’ve ever listened to blues, then you know the feeling this book will give you. Not sure what to say at the moment. We got to burn out what they put in our minds, like you burn out a wound. It her very own memory, not theirs, her very own real and terrible and lonely and dark memory.


Ursa’s matrilineal line—great-grandmother, grandmother, and mother—make it their lives’ purpose to keep iones the history of their abuse and torture, and by extension that of African slaves in the New World. And the end is maybe prematurely redemptive, given what’s gone before, though the novel’s sexual climax on the penultimate page is a forceful revelation. God is with Bob and I’m with him.

Corregidora by Gayl Jones

It was like nothing I had read before, honestly and it made me feel interested. However, in exploring this oppositional strategy of witnessing, I am most interested in charting how the resistance of one generation becomes the trauma of another. It’s important to be able to hear and read stories that address the ramifications of abuses whether sexual, verbal or psychological even if some of th Not sure what to say at the moment.

This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. A new world song. Before We Were Yours. Even as she attempts to do so, she herself is trapped in abusive relationships.

By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. When she reunites with Mutt, 22 years after their divorce, the two attempt to reconcile.

Jul 13, ralowe rated it it was amazing. If not, you’re probably white, and you can read all about it in Medical Apartheid. Mutt seeks to restrict Ursa’s sexuality only for his enjoyment and pushes her down the stairs at the beginning of the novel because of his jealousy at other men staring at her on-stage performance while she sings the Blues.

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Refresh and try again. This is the narrative of the last of the Corregidoras, Urse, the blues singer, who is rendered unable to bear children due to her husband’s abuse on the second page of the book.


Return to Book Page. As if it were only the words that kept her anger.

And my spirit, you said, like knives dancing. Eugenics and racism go hand in hand in the rhetoric of “purity of the race”, which is why I preface this review as such. This is an amazing, important book. To turn away from those patterns, to deny them, would be to ignore the dangers that come with sexual relationships because these sexual relationships are always already relationships of power. She feels a deep connection to the previous generations of women who have been abused and treated as sex objects.

Silence in my womb. Though Almeyda can only find her husband through memory and through art once they are separated, the poem focuses on desire as a positive theme, and it shows the possibility of love. Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. I knew it had to be sexual: Do what you want.

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